People have never had a hard time pointing out all of the things wrong with marijuana, and most of the time it’s because they don’t understand the drug enough. It’s important to focus on all the medical related benefits marijuana offers to the world. It has made breakthroughs within the world of medicine and has changed the lives of many people suffering from a variety of illnesses. People should pay attention to all of the positive it can bring before they group it with any other drug.

For starters, the drug has been recognized as an excellent sleep aid. In the past, medications such as melatonin have dominated the market, and although they are effective, marijuana shows positive results too. Cannabis has always been used a reliever of pain, it can treat muscle spasms caused be a series of diseases, but it also has the ability to help those who struggle with sleep. The drug allows your body to relax and feel calm enough to fall asleep.

In more serious news, doctors have realized that cannabis can be used to treat the side effects of HIV/AIDS. There has been very promising research that demonstrates how cannabis can slow down the progression of the life-changing disease. Unfortunately, many people suffering with this disease just have to live with it and its symptoms because of the inaccessibility of treatments. Due to this ongoing issue, many people have turned toward marijuana to help them cope with their side effects. Cannabis has the ability to treat many of the symptoms associated with HIV/AIDS such as depression, weight loss, loss of appetite, anxiety, and nausea.

A survey was conducted several years back that demonstrated how effective marijuana can be to those suffering. The drug has been so successful that 27 percent of people with HIV/AIDS reported using marijuana to help them deal with their side effects. This percentage just continues to grow as legalization expands and the accessibility grows. People are becoming more aware of all the benefits of medical marijuana. The most important outcome marijuana can have on the disease is its ability to slow down the progression. Scientists noticed that the drug prevented HIV from communicating with the receptors on immune cells, and one of the largest issues associated with HIV/AIDS is its ability to weaken one’s immune system. The use of marijuana decreased the number of infected cells.

Companies are already predicting the success of marijuana within the medical world. A cannabis company recently just teamed up with Big Pharma. Tilray Inc. is a licensed manufacturer of medical marijuana products. The merge of these two companies will create great products that will help people. The two companies plan to make co-branded capsules, sprays, topicals, and several other related medicines. Under this deal, Tilray will be the only partner of Big Pharma that will create non-combustible medical marijuana products. Brendan Kennedy, the president and CEO of Tilray, made a statement about the opportunity and future success of the products, “That was part of the opportunity we saw… To distribute Tilray products that have the Sandoz logo that pharmacists, physicians, and patients are used to seeing in their pharmaceutical packages. I think that will give physicians confidence and trust in our brand and our product.”

Those who are educated about marijuana realize how it can change peoples’ lives and the world as a unit. So many advancements have already been made within the medical world by marijuana, and so many more are to come.

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