People in Colorado may have heard marijuana being advertised on the radio, something that has seldom been done before. X-Rock, the radio station that began advertising, did so with some hesitancy; the heads of the station must be extremely careful keeping in line with state regulations since and especially since cannabis is still illegal federally.

“There was actually initially some resistance to it because we are federally regulated, and we all know that marijuana is still federally prohibited,” said Jamie Osborn from X-Rock.

However, radio could show a potential future for advertisement in Colorado since marijuana legalization is becoming more wide-spread. X-Rock is not the only station that has began advertising marijuana; stations across the entire state are advertising for marijuana.

“Bottom line for us is marijuana is legal in Colorado,” Osborn stated. “The businesses that advertise it are licensed by the state and locally, and both the state and city are enjoying the increases in tax revenue. I see no difference in these businesses with any other in our area.”

Tommy Moore is a “spokesman for marijuana enforcement and taxation at the Colorado Department of Revenue.” He confirmed that recreational marijuana retailers are able to advertise on the radio with certain regulations. For instance, retailers are not allowed to advertise if there is “reliable evidence” showing that over thirty percent of the audience of listeners is under 21. In essence, the law seeks to reasonably keep marijuana as far away from children as possible.

“The Marijuana Enforcement Division’s rule determines specifications that a licensed retail marijuana business must adhere to if it chooses to advertise via radio. It does not regulate the language the radio station chooses to use,” Moore stated.

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