First let me give you the set up so you won’t be completely lost. Good Will Hunting (because that’s what we call him anyway) is about to walk into a Florida library to cast his vote for Amendment 2. If you are not familiar with Prop 2 please stop reading this, shut your grand-kids laptop and go back to watching the 700 Club with Pat Roberts; for everyone else…

  • That medical use of marijuana by a qualifying patient or personal caregiver is not subject to criminal or civil liability or sanctions under state law.
  • That a licensed physician is not subject to criminal or civil liability or sanctions for issuing medical marijuana to a person diagnosed with a “debilitating medical condition” under state law.
  • That registered medical marijuana treatment centers are not subject to criminal or civil liability or sanctions under state law.

So Good Will Hunting gets approached by a couple in the 50-65 age bracket that’s opposed to Amendment 2.

Old man:

Son I hope you go in there and vote your conscience. A lot of “nothing good” is going to come from drugs being allowed in our state. Crime will rise and the fabric of our communities will unravel.

(Old Lady interrupts)

Old Lady:

It’s the Devil!

Old Man:

SON…Why would you vote Prop 2? Do you know the Impact it will have on this state? Have you thought of the impact it will have on your life?

Good Will Hunting:

Why should I vote for Prop 2? Hmmm That’s a good question Sir, but I will take a shot. Say I go into the library and Vote Prop 2, I vote not because i’m an avid drug user, but because I believe that one way or another marijuana will be federally legal some day. I even believe that if the vote doesn’t pass today it will eventually pass in the state. So Boom, the vote is cast and a bunch of other people that never got out to vote do so and we win by the 60% margin we need. Great! After the by-laws are written and all the bullshit is ironed out about how many licenses they issue gets fixed it’s go time. All of a sudden an industry is born in the state and businesses and opportunity are all around. Now as the public is watching a cultural and quality of life change take place before their eyes, I too take part. See, I’m just a kid from south Boston that moved down here after my girl graduated from Stanford and got a job at the University hospital. I use to work construction, but since the housing collapse and financial crisis I was out of work because as you know there was a massive amount of construction taking place in Florida both residential and commercially. Once the money dried up from the banks loaning everyone with a hammer so serious scratch unemployment in my industry went parabolic….But I digress… So I have the only job I could find and that’s working for $8.50 an hour selling smart phones to spoiled brats in a mall kiosk. All of a sudden there is all this construction work taking place and now i’m making $45 an hour building out marijuana grows. One day my boss says “Good Job Will, talk to Sally in HR and she will give you full time status so you can qualify for health insurance.” I’m thinking to myself “life is good.” So I get in my car after a long hard day with the sun at my back and pride once again when all of a sudden; BOOM! A drunk driver T-bones my car. Don’t worry i’m ok, just got a little banged up, but my leg is throbbing. Now I have a choice to make with no health insurance. DO I go to urgent care and get a prescription for a Hydrocodone which makes me feel sick and is habit forming or do I use my medical marijuana card and get something to help me manage it. So I go to one of the new dispensaries and wait on line with soccer moms, school teachers and veterans to place my order for some medical cannabis. I buy the strain “Blueberry Wolf Nuts,” go home and smoke a joint. My pain goes away and life is good. Few days later I get back to work, get a fat settlement from the guy that I thought was drunk, because it turns out he was high on Hydrocodone.  Or….I could go in there and Vote NO on Amendment 2, keep working at a job that pays me nothing, forces me to work on holidays and makes me question each day why I haven’t become a serial killer. Then maybe I can go to an Urgent care say I banged up my knee and use the paltry amount of money I earn working a job I hate to get some Hydrocodone that makes me groggy at the wheel and causes me to hit a guy coming home from his great job to see his beautiful future wife.

I think I will Vote 2 after all, you make a good point… How do you like them apples?

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