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After Comcast Lawsuit Settlement, Players Network Answers Shareholders’ questions about the future of its “Vegas on Demand” and the Breakthrough Media Technology being used to launch “WeedTV”, a Cannabis Lifestyle Channel

 Player’s Network, Inc. (OTCQB: PNTV), a diversified holding company in media and legalized Marijuana Industry (Green Leaf Farms and “WeedTV”) announcement on Nov 20th, 2017 of the confidential, out-of-court settlement of its $150 million lawsuit against media giant Comcast Corporation (view press release), seeks to answer shareholder questions about the company’s future, including plans to roll out its revolutionary Proprietary Media Technology Platform (see Players Network Media and Technology Report).

Most investors are now aware of the tremendous upside PNTV’s Green Leaf Farms subsidiary has created for the company and its shareholders, cultivating medical and recreational Marijuana and producing cannabis extracts for the Las Vegas and Nevada Markets. However, few are aware of the potentially even greater opportunities and upside via the company’s Proprietary Media Technology Platform, along with its media properties “Vegas on Demand”, and the soon to be officially launched, “WeedTV” channel.

New investors may not be aware of PNTV’s long history and exceptionally strong relationships with the casino industry. Prior to its entry into the marijuana market, PNTV launched the successful Video On Demand (VOD) channel, “Vegas On Demand”.   The PNTV team was an early pioneer in digital, short form and on demand programming that gained a national footprint with major public distribution partners including Comcast (CMCSA), DirecTV (DTV), Dish Network (DISH), AT&T (T), U-verse, Verizon Fios (VZ), HULU, and Google Video (GOOGL) to deliver over 650 million videos in 104 million television homes.  At that time the company did not possess the technology to adequately monetize “Vegas On Demand”, which lead to the company re-inventing itself.

In addition to entering the lucrative marijuana market by launching Green Leaf Farms, the company continued developing its Proprietary Media Technology Platform that is nearing completion. In its recently published Players Network Media and Technology Report,PNTV goes in depth to outline its strategy going forward.

The first market PNTV will exploit with this new technology is the huge, medical and recreational marijuana market through adding “WeedTV” to its bricks and mortar subsidiary, Green Leaf Farms.

This powerful Technology Platform allows businesses to intimately interact with, and target potential customers based on the lifestyle category of the videos they watch, providing consumers with resources intuitively presented to them based on their video viewing preferences, and allowing advertisers to reach a targeted audience demonstrating pre-disposed preferences toward the advertiser’s goods or services.

“WeedTV’s” strategy is to use its wholly-owned, customized hybrid micro-casting platform to integrate high-quality recreational and medical marijuana content, category and general brand sponsors, and cannabis lifestyle talent and influencers to reach tens of millions of followers.  The newly developed Proprietary Media Technology Platform allows PNTV to do this utilizing a high level of activation and interactivity of its audiences and social media followers.

To provide a frame of reference as to the economic payoff PNTV envisions, “WeedTV” will initially target 70,000 brick and mortar businesses and brands in the cannabis industry.  Assuming a 10% advertiser response at a modest $1000/mo, less than almost any other type of media or advertising, “WeedTV” could generate revenues of over $7 million per MONTH!

While PNTV is excited about the potential for its marijuana subsidiary, Green Leaf Farms, management believes its new Proprietary Technology Platform provides the company an almost unlimited upside.

While settlement of PNTV’s lawsuit against Comcast will certainly help the company financially, perhaps the bigger, unforeseen benefit is that the issues that prompted the lawsuit in the first place, forced PNTV to reinvent itself. This led Players Network to develop its own Proprietary Media Technology in order to monetize video content on the Internet.

And now, with a strong management team in place including CEO Mark Bradley, Chief Creative Officer Michael Berk, creator of “Baywatch” and hundreds of hours of Network Television, and Andy Orgel, a member of the founding, start-up teams of MTV, A&E and Nickelodeon, PNTV is ideally positioned to dominate the exploding Cannabis Lifestyle Category with the company’s new interactive network, “WeedTV”, and move aggressively to utilize its Proprietary Technology to re-launch “Vegas On Demand” and launch other Niche Lifestyle Channels.

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