The goal of this past Sundays get-together was to help make Colorado Springs more beautiful by filling up one garbage bag at a time with leftover trash.

“We’re going to go out here on the west side and clean up off of Cimmaron and the park off of 26th,” stated Steve Pacheco, owner of The Pothole.

The effort began at Vermijo Park where volunteers were picking up and collecting garbage to depose the trash for an unusual reward.

“As you bring bags of trash back to me I’m going to give you a joint per bag you bring back,” said Pacheco.

Though for those cleaning up it wasn’t just about being compensated with free marijuana

“I hike every single day and I see trash on every single trail and it saddens me,” said Myles Christensen, a volunteer.

It was a personal connection to their home.

“So it feels good to actually go pick the trash up, you know. I don’t mind it because I use the trail,” said Danny Winfree.

The goal was cleaning up the park as well as the reputation of the marijuana industry.

“To show that we are a positive impact, you know, there’s nothing wrong with weed and there’s nothing wrong with our kind of people,” said Pacheco.

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