Oregon began selling recreational marijuana just a week ago and has already generated approximately $11 million. This would mean that predictions of how much the state will make from pot taxes starting in January are way below where they should be. Nectar, a dispensary in Oregon, has had to restock its shelves many times.

“We’re seeing about 500 people a day,” said Jeff Johnson, Nectar owner.

According to both owners and customers, the first week of legalization has been great.

“It’s exciting,” stated one customer. “It’s just really weird, it feels like it’s not even really happening to be honest, it’s really bizarre.”

Emily Szczech, a different customer, decided to check things out on the first day.

“We just wanted to come in and check it out,” she said. “We’ve never been able to go into one of the stores to see what it’s like.”

The Oregon Retail Cannabis Association reported to KGW after collecting data on sales “from its members statewide and factoring in projections.” The association predicted about $3.5 million in sales on October 1st, the first day. Now just a week in, Oregon has already surpassed the amount spent on marijuana compared to the first week that Colorado legalized marijuana recreationally and rallied $5 million. Washington took even longer, a month, to make $2 million. Oregon voters approved recreational marijuana and projected $9 million in tax revenue for the first full year, but the Oregon Retail Cannabis Association thinks it may even quadruple that.

“It’s just person after person after person,” employee Rachel Clerk from Fresh Buds told reporters. “There for awhile, towards the end we were thinking we might have to close the doors because we weren’t getting any kind of steady business.” Her store is seeing hundreds of customers when just months ago they were only seeing 15 medical customers.

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