The survey revealed an impressive majority of voters in the swing states of Florida and Ohio stand behind the elimination of prohibition in the United States, while the voting population in Pennsylvania remains divided on whether tax-paying citizens should be allowed to use recreational marijuana.
However there is a lot of attention these days on women and marijuana, there are apparently more men in swing states that back the legalization of cannabis than women, in reference to the poll. Not surprisingly support for the change is linked to age, with younger voters more likely to see the personal use of pot as a good thing.”
While support for going all the way legal is strong, it seems that all of the mainstream focus on the herb has manifested an outpouring of support for the medical sector. Fifty-three percent of the voting public in Ohio stated they back legalizing cannabis for recreational uses while 44 percent stated they were opposed. Of course, more men than women support the cause by a 59 percent to 38 percent margin.

With Florida, which has two groups currently dedicating their efforts to get the issue of marijuana on the 2016 ballot, the margin is considerably tighter, with 51 percent supporting an end to prohibition and 45 percent all for keeping it in place. Similar to Ohio, backing on this issue is primarily male—57 percent—with women ranking in at 41 percent. “In 2014, voters expressed overwhelming support for legalization, but at the ballot box they failed to meet the 60 percent threshold required by the state constitution.”

Pennsylvania voters were almost evenly split on the issue of legalizing weed for recreational use: 47 percent back it, while 49 percent are opposed.
Overall, the poll is consistent with various other surveys that have surfaced over the course of the past year suggesting that the majority of the American population is ready to put marijuana prohibition in the history books.

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