On Monday, Oregon put out a list of two hundred and fifty pesticides that marijuana farmers are going to be allowed to use. This list is the first times that Oregon’s agriculture officials have given them guidance in terms of which chemicals in the cannabis industry will be useful in getting rid of mites, mold, mildew, and other issues. The most important officials specifically stated that the list is somewhere to begin for cultivators, who are still required to follow pesticide labels.

Assistant director of the agency, Lauren Henderson, stated that regulators went through over 12,000 pesticides listed with the state to see which had labels large enough to add in marijuana. In the end, the agency lists two hundred and fifty pesticides. This list will be gone over quarterly, according to Henderson. Brent Kenyon, a producer and dispensary owner in Oregon, stated that albeit he wished that marijuana growers were spoken to during the process, he is happy with the advice from the state.

“Anytime the state is reaching out and trying to find some guidance instead of ignoring it is a good thing,” he stated.

Most states usually count on the federal government to make policies on pesticides. The federal government typically announces thousands of pesticides that may be used on farms as well as how much of the pesticides can be used on crops such as apples, carrots, and more after they have already been grown. The government derives these limits from how much people consume the foods in a lifetime.

When regarding pesticides, the label on the packaging is crucial. Some labels are extremely long and tell how and when the pesticides can be used as well as the products that the chemicals may be used on. For instance, pesticides allowed on bananas cannot be used on strawberries. The only issue is that the federal government refuses to release information on pesticides and marijuana because it is still illegal under federal law.

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