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Omni Health, Inc. Highlights Recent Accomplishments and Upcoming Milestones Through Shareholder Letter

Omni Health, Inc. (OMHE) – A vertically integrated healthcare company dedicated to the development of pharmaceuticals, anti-aging products and biotech engineering today published a letter to its Shareholders. The letter provides a long-awaited, mid-year corporate update, including recent accomplishments in biotechnology and upcoming milestones. The address also serves as an introduction to prospective shareholders.

Investor Relations Information

In tandem with the letter to shareholders, Omni Health, Inc. is also pleased to announce a new investor and public relations department. The initiative will serve to promptly and effectively address shareholder questions and concerns. Inquiries can be sent to, effective immediately. The company will also be refocusing its outreach efforts through social media, utilizing Facebook and Twitter to provide formal updates and information about relevant company news.

Company News and Announcements

● In the coming weeks Omni Health intends to sign a letter of intent to initiate a cooperation with a Singapore-based tech firm to begin exploring pharmaceutical blockchain technology. Given its fully owned subsidiary 40 years operations in a pharmacy space, Omni Health Inc. understands more than anyone else the value blockchain technology could bring to the pharmacy business. It holds the power to revolutionize supply chain management, enhance HIPAA compliance, secure patients’ records, and prevent counterfeit drugs from entering the circulation. The company will be issuing further updates to the shareholders upon executing the LOI.

● In addition, Omni Health will soon be announcing the licensing agreement of a breakthrough OTC analgesic pain cream. Based on 4 proprietary components it will boast world’s first scientifically proven Nanoethasomal delivery system for terpenes, stem cells, Phyto Botanicals and pain drugs. Its rollout to the North American market is slated for Q3 2018 and European market for Q4 2018. The company is in the process of building multi-million dollar Omni-Channel distribution network.

● Omni Health is working diligently to finish the audit of their financial statements, becoming fully reporting entity. Once completed this will help to clear a path for an uplist to Nasdaq.

● Effective December 13, 2017, Omni Health, Inc. entered into a distribution agreement with MediCann, a premier distributor of CBD products in Europe. The agreement—worth €3,700,000—has enabled Omni Health, Inc. to rebrand and license its portfolio of anti-aging CBD products, exposing it to markets in more than 22 countries. As of March, 2018, this distribution agreement is in full effect with European distribution lined up pending approval of European regulators.

● Earlier in 2018, Omni Health, Inc. announced its intent to open a functional medicine clinic with a focus on anti-aging and aesthetic treatments by December of 2018. The company is in the midst of completing necessary licensing requirements and remains on-track for end-of-year operation. The company anticipates pro-forma annual revenue of $7,500,000, per clinic opened. Omni Health is currently in negotiations with several existing functional medicine clinics for potential acquisition with a goal to build a first of its kind chain of such clinics and integrate our own products into this supply chain.

New Shareholder Introduction

For more than four decades, Omni Health, Inc. has worked diligently to develop trusted consumer-facing products. With six global business units, diversified across staple industries and emerging markets, we collaborate with novel and existing prospects to capitalize on lucrative markets such as specialty pharmaceuticals, regenerative medicine, anti-aging products, skincare technologies, CBD biotechnologies and more. This makes Omni Health the only company in existence of its kind, giving a superior edge over competitors. Our company prides itself on maintaining transparent business operations, working diligently on behalf of our investors to pursue positive, sustainable growth in a way that returns value to stakeholders.

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