November is an exciting month for people around the country. There are going to be numerous states voting on cannabis legalization. People suffering from debilitating decisions are going to be excited if their states are going to be voting on medical marijuana. People that simply like to smoke marijuana will be happy if their state is voting on recreational marijuana. Recently, there have been a lot of states adding recreational and medical cannabis to the ballots in November. For instance, not too long ago, many people were excited to hear that California, the state with the largest population was going to be voting on recreational marijuana in November.

In addition, the country’s position on marijuana has changed significantly. Now, more than fifty percent of the country supports some form of marijuana legalization, so many are expecting for November to be a revolutionary month for the cannabis industry. Now, though, there is one more state to add to that list: Montana. A bill looking to expand access to medical cannabis has been approved to be on the ballot in November. The Secretary of State’s Office confirmed on Wednesday that supporters of Initiative 182 had collected 26,668 legitimate signatures.

Initiative 182 seeks to reverse legislative and legal action that got rid of a measure in 2004 that was approved by voters that legalized medical cannabis. If the proposal is approved, it is going to get rid of a three-patient limit for caregivers that will go into effect during the month of August. Also, it is going to set up licensing fees in order to administer the program and add post-traumatic stress disorders to the list of conditions that are approved for medical marijuana. Another bill still waiting for certification looks to take away the state law that allows the medicinal use of marijuana.

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