According to the Detroit Free Press, even before full legalization, marijuana is expected to bring in $700 million annually.

Michigan’s officials are suppressing the state’s residents from pursuing relief in legal medical marijuana and overpowering Michigan marijuana farmers as well. Michigan’s attorney general has announced that the state’s medical marijuana laws, that have been around for over a decade, are just a cover to hide drug cartels.

Michigan is the home to hundreds of marijuana dispensaries who have become the main targets for law enforcement. The official plan for licensing marijuana activity in Michigan is centered on putting a stop to activity for up to six months. This gives medical marijuana patients no other choice than to turn to the illegal market to purchase their marijuana.

Despite setbacks, it is expected for Michigan to legalize recreational marijuana in 2018. Nearly 1,000 residents signed up signed up for state-sponsored training, according to Shelly Edgerton, the director of the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

Michigan will now offer these five diverse medical marijuana licenses; dispensaries, transporters, testers, processors, and cultivators. On December 15, the application period for licensing opens and state officials preparing for a flood of potentially thousands of licensed medical marijuana entrepreneurs. It is unknown how long it will take to receive licensure after the application period or where medical marijuana patients will be able to obtain their pot in the meantime.

The government is taking minimal responsibility for this issue by having failed to acknowledge a transitional period. Ideas of temporary permits are being discussed by official to continue the growth of the medicine.

Advocates of this black-out period include Republican Steve Linder. Linder, a consultant who works with a group of marijuana entrepreneurs, who believes that to shut down the industry completely until official permits are given is necessary.

“What millionaires are you working for and who wants a monopoly in this business?” Sen. Rick Jones asked Linder. Jones is also Republican and favors the idea of temporary permits to allow dispensaries to continue operations after Dec. 15.

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