Marijuana reform has become a very hot issue over the last few years. As of right now, four states including the District of Columbia now allow recreational marijuana, and many more are considering legalizing or decriminalizing the drug through legislation or voters. Over half of all states now have some form of a medical marijuana program, so the expansion of new medical marijuana programs is also being considered. The issue is even very popular among presidential candidates at the Democratic debate a month ago; Bernie Sanders seemed to be in support of full legalization while Hillary Clinton was not as supportive as Sanders but was definitely against federal interference.

Most supporters of marijuana legalization are believed to be progressive liberals and are often surrounded by Republicans, so it is not often that they find ant issues on which both mindsets can agree on. However, it turns out that marijuana legalization is not just for liberals, but instead both parties can find agreeing points when considering recreational and medical legalization.

Because of the media, there are popular beliefs that the Republicans and Democrats are as far away from each other as possible, but over the last few years, issues such as mass incarceration and surveillance have had the same beliefs from members of both parties. Also, if people wish to see marijuana legalized, they are going to need to rally support from the Republicans and Democrats.

In the past, it seems as if marijuana law reform has been an issue that only concerns two people: liberals and supporters who loved marijuana in college and may still love it and libertarians who do not want the government to interfere in anything. However, it seems as if there are many more aspects to the spectrum that conservatives and moderates are beginning to embrace.

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