THC Therapeutics Inc (MBLC) Announces The US Patent office is granting a patent for their Cannabis Dryer


THC Therapeutics Announces The US Patent office is granting a patent for their Cannabis Dryer

THC Therapeutics Inc (MBLC) is a forward-thinking publicly traded Health and Wellness company in the cannabis industry that has “Better Health through the Science of Nature” as their guiding statement. Today announced that they will focus their operations on the Cannabis industry and their soon-to-be issued patent for “The dHydronator®.”

THC Therapeutics developed a sanitizing herb dryer, The dHydronator®, with multiple design, function, and usages. The Company anticipates that the patent will be issued within the next two months. This innovative, laboratory-proven product is specifically designed for drying and sanitizing freshly harvested Cannabis, herbs, teas, etc. The dHydronator® can reduce moisture content of Cannabis to 10% in only 10-14 hours. Traditional Cannabis drying times take up to two weeks.

Another one of the major aspects of The dHydronator® is that it has been proven to destroy harmful surface contaminants & pathogens. With our built-in, SanitiZen®technology, we are able to reduce the microbial load from failing in cannabis and bring the contaminants down to passing levels.

The dHydronator® has been tested by two independent laboratories the last being DigiPath (DIGP), testing covered over 6 strains and 9 independent tests to confirm the findings. The strains tested were Lucy Diamond, Cotton Candy, Blue Dream, Kings Cut, Pot of Gold and Diablo. Our SanitiZen technology brought the failing TAC (total aerobic count) from over 300,000 down to 78,000. The optimal drying time was determined to be 10-14 hours but may vary by region and ambient humidity. By far the most surprising data from the testing was the potency of the cannabis after exposure to the dHydronator. Over the 9 tests and 6 strains, there was a 4% average increase of THC-A*.

*See complete results at

These results exceeded our expectations and were surprising even to us. We cannot be more pleased with what the dHydronator® can do.

In late July of 2018, the Company’s patent attorney received notice from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (the “USPTO”) that the USPTO would be allowing all 20 of our patent claims for The dHydronator®. In light of this development, and after analyzing the current regulatory environment regarding companies focused on investing in cryptographic tokens and other digital assets, the Company then determined that it would refocus its efforts on developing the soon-to-be patented dHydronator®, and the Company changed its name to “THC Therapeutics, Inc.”

The Company also filed a Form 10 Registration Statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on October 22, 2018. The Company intends to be a fully reporting issuer on December 21, 2018, which is 60 days from the date of the Form 10 filing. See-

In light of the Company’s name change and new business focus, the Company will be filing a notification with FINRA for a ticker symbol and name change

Brandon Romanek, our Founder and CEO, stated, “I could not be more elated that the US patent office has accepted ALL 20 of our claims for The dHydronator®. We filed for patent protection well over 2 years ago, but we did not expect to receive such broad protection on our intellectual property. Many experts in the cannabis industry liked our technology; however, they expressed serious doubts that we would receive any type of patent protection— much less the broad protection afforded by all 20 of our claims.”

Romanek further commented, “Today THC Therapeutics is a much stronger company than we were just 8 months ago. Then, we only had a pending patent, with few other assets. Since then we have invested in Blockchain-related companies. We issued restricted shares to those companies and have the right to receive equity and/or tokens from those companies. and to have a token creation event by the first quarter of next year, and the Company expects to receive tokens in connection with them. I am a firm believer in Blockchain and Crypto, and plan to stay on top of regulatory and market changes.  I am pleased with the progress we have made since we went public in January of 2017 via reverse merger. We have taken solid steps to turn our vision into reality.”


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