The state legislature that supported the legalization of medical cannabis in Maryland and joined a group applying to distribute marijuana in 2015 reported to the Baltimore Sun on Wednesday that he ought to have been much more transparent about his two roles. The Washington Post released on Saturday that Del. Dan K. Morhaim (D-Baltimore) is the clinical director for a company called Doctor’s Orders that is looking to obtain a license from Maryland to dispense medical marijuana.

The application from the company suggests that Morhaim is a “highly sought after” team member who played a very important role when it came to legalization. Morhaim cleared his affiliation with state ethics officials. However, never admitted that he was a part of the team that was attempting to be licensed, even though he was frequently asked about it. He also refused to admit this as he worked to expand legislation this year that would increase the types of doctors that are able to recommend marijuana. He even stood in front of the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission about how to regulate the program.

The Sun reported on Wednesday night that Morhaim stated that “in hindsight,” he should have publicly released their relationship with the company, “if I knew a better way to do it.”

Morhaim refused to answer anyone from news services that tried to reach out to him. After an article was published about his connections to the company, Morhaim publicly released an email on January 23rd from DEA Daily, the General Assembly’s ethics adviser, allowing him to sponsor legislation to allow “midwives, dentists, podiatrists and other non-physicians” to recommend medical cannabis to their patients. Maryland ethics laws generally give lawmakers the ability to vote on bills affecting their industries, provided the legislation is not targeted specifically on their companies.

“The bill would not have a direct, financial impact on the entity for whom you consult or on you,” Daly said in the email.

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