As the brawl to take California out of the depths of prohibition has been pretty bad and even near slanderous, a new article by Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom states the “Adult Use of Marijuana Act” (AUMA) is the best way to stop the absurdity of the drug war in California.

“Given the high cost and ineffectiveness of the status quo, you don’t have to be ‘pro-marijuana’ to be ‘anti-prohibition,’,” Newsom wrote for the Modesto Bee. “By establishing a legal, taxed and tightly regulated system, we can offer new protections for our kids, our communities, and our environment, while adopting a best-practices framework for responsible adult marijuana use and its impacts. We can also raise much-needed revenues to expand drug treatment and prevention programs, and protect our public lands from the environmental and water impacts of illegal marijuana grows.”

While it may be true that the AUMA seems to be the greatest chance at legalizing the marijuana industry in California during the upcoming election in November, not each supporter of this cause is very content with the details of this bill. Many states that the proposal is just light prohibition thanks to its restrictions on home growth (six plants) and the application of new penalties for those with marijuana-related offenses. At the same time, others feel as if it gets rid of the “stoner vote” in order to try to bring in the new model of cannabis culture.

“They figure that [stoners] are a small percent of the population overall; and they hedged their bets that trying to win over the ‘soccer mom ‘vote was a more desirable option,” Mickey Martin wrote in a new editorial going against the AUMA. “What they failed to consider was that every soccer mom has a brother, uncle, or friend who is their ‘go-to stoner’ who they will ask for their opinion before casting their vote.”

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