MIAMI, FL – (PRNewswire – June 29, 2015) –, the #1 online destination and industry leading content provider for all things cannabis, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with cannabis pioneer and media mogul Cheryl Shuman. Cheryl Shuman will act as Head Marketing Director and manage all Public Relations and Media exposure for and the Wolf of Weed Street. Shuman has tremendous experience in both the cannabis and financial media industries providing a unique ability to position this newly formed team at the forefront of the rapidly growing cannabis market.

“We are beyond thrilled to join forces with Cheryl Shuman. She is not only a testament to the positive effects of CBDs and medicinal marijuana being a cancer survivor herself, but her knowledge and networking capabilities within the industry are unmatched,” says Michael Perinotti, Co-Founder of

“Cheryl and I have always been supportive of each other’s projects and knew at some point we would collaborate. This was never a matter of “if,” it was always a matter of “when.” Expanding our footprint within the sector media wise is why we brought Cheryl on board and we look forward to working side by side on projects moving forward.” said Jason Spatafora (Wolf of Weed Street).

This newly formed team will act immediately to increase exposure and presence in the cannabis industry targeting outlets from pop culture, to financial media, to conference hosting, and even product placement.

Shuman stated, “As this industry grows, we are beginning to see strategic partnerships form as activists push to accelerate the acceptance of marijuana and I could not think of a better group of guys to partner with than the team at Their online presence and audience continues to expand and I look forward to what’s to come. The bottom line is this team has their finger on the pulse of the retail investors in the cannabis sector. Their “street cred” and influence on the market is top notch.  I just love these guys like my family!”

“The right leadership team is everything. Working with, it was evident immediately that it was a perfect fit in terms of values, integrity and personality. The value of our combined teamwork’s ability to provide global celebrity and media exposure for our partnerships are priceless,” continued Shuman. and Cheryl Shuman will be making additional announcements regarding upcoming projects and events the team will be working on.

About is the #1 online destination for anything and everything marijuana finance related. Whether you’re looking for the best marijuana stocks to buy, marijuana political news, trends and articles within the cannabis industry and so much more, is your destination for it all. Our goal is to become the central hub for all who are seeking current Marijuana Stock News as well as cannabis industry, political and social news, articles, trends & overall insight, delivered in a way that we all can relate to and enjoy.

About Cheryl Shuman

With about 25 years of experience, Cheryl Shuman has become known as the “Martha Stewart of Marijuana.” Her success using medical cannabis led her to found the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club ( Today, Cheryl is the most visible and recognizable entrepreneurs in the marijuana reform movement, recently receiving the 2013 Activist of the Year Award at Seattle Hempfest.

Cheryl has reached over 100 million viewers worldwide while appearing on such mainstream shows as CNN’s Piers Morgan Live, The Katie Couric Show, The View, ABC’s 20/20, Good Morning America, Fox Business News and many other media outlets.

Cheryl now manages a $100 million funding facility to invest in the cannabis sector as well as personal endorsement contracts with ancillary products in the cannabis industry. In a short time, Cheryl has secured product placements for products in FX’s Wilfred, CBS News, The New Ricki Lake Show, and more. Shuman lectures internationally about everything from seed to sale of the Cannabis Plant and is currently working with the prestigious William Morris Endeavor Agency in Beverly Hills for film, television, book and lecturing deals. She also serves as Senior Advisor with Investment Bankers Jacobs Securities $50 million fund to invest in to the cannabis industry.

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  1. I will be retiring soon, and am interested in getting involved in a dispensary, at least from a management standpoint….I already have secured a high-quality grower. Can you advise or suggest?

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