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cgrwGROW Holdings LLC develops green projects and technology, renewable energy, organic farming, and water resources. The company develops solar power plants for the Quay Valley area. The company is based in Los Angeles, California. Read more about CGRW here.

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CannaGrow Holdings Inc. is an amazing company that investors love to buy in on because they consistently deliver positive results. Forbes has even predicted $20 billion in sales for the company by the year of 2020. The success within the industry is due to their organization and the close attention they pay to every sector of the industry. This attention to detail is why they always come out on top. They put a heavy importance on facility development, site management, and staffing. Their current operations run out of Colorado but they plan to extend into states such as California, Oregon, and possibly Washington.

When it comes to the marijuana sites and the manufacture of the product, this company spares no expense in delivering only the best quality to their customers. They recognize the importance of HVAC, electrical systems, water and lighting management, greenhouse maintenance, and so many other factors that play a role into creating the product.

The company believes that they owe a huge part of their success to their team because having the right people working alongside them is what makes all the difference. The company plans to take a leadership role in the transformation of the cannabis industry as they want to become a crucial and profitable part of America’s economy. CannaGrow Holdings take part in the Medical/Recreational Cannabis Industry. They serve as a Lessor, Liaison, and Consultant to the licensed growers. Aside from all of the company’s other responsibilities, CannaGrow provides them with turnkey growing facilities in Colorado. The CEO of the company, Delmar Janovec, made a statement about his confidence in the company and their future, “Meeting and exceeding production and sales targets for November and December is going to set the tone for calendar year 2018. I am very proud of the CannaGrow Management and Staffing Personnel and the quality product they are assisting Licensed Grower, Category One Botanicals, LLC, in bringing to market.”

The company is planning to apply through the Colorado Marijuana enforcement Division to double their live plant limit. They are currently at 1,800 plants and they might have the ability to increase their count to 3,600 plants. The increase in plant count will greatly change the companies future as it would dramatically increase production and monthly sales targets. In addition to all of this growth, they have also announced the completion of construction of an additional three climate controlled greenhouses at their lease holdings located at the Colorado Buffalo Ranch Grow Facility. The completion of these greenhouses has increased CannaGrow’s total production potential to 23,480 feet.

The CEO’s words and confidence within the company are backed by their actions and growth. It was announced that CannaGrow has been chosen as one of the three Independent Organic Farmers to provide product for a new line called Sun

Grown Cannabis. This was a very competitive spot and their selection demonstrates the quality of their product. They will continue to expand their business through development and restructuring until they have formed their ideal company, and this includes promising the highest return to their shareholders.

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