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The year 2019 thus far has been pretty exciting when it comes to cannabis stocks. With so many legislative changes and shifts in the public perception of the substance, it seems as though the potential with cannabis is quite endless. The majority of investments into the industry has been to companies that grow the substance in its raw form. With this in mind, there is also a varying amount of potential with the companies that produce products or offer services to the market. The only rules about cannabis are to not be prejudice about the company and do the proper research before investing.

Biome Grow Inc. (BIO.CN) (BIOIF) is a cannabis conglomerate that is currently working out of the Canadian marijuana landscape. The company is the owner of several subsidiaries that are located across Canada. These companies reside in Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and more. With such broad coverage of one of the largest marijuana markets in the world, it looks as though Biome Grow Inc. is positioned to potentially shoot to the top.

The company recently announced that they have released their financial results for the period ending on December 31st of last year and beginning one year prior. The company has stated that they also plan to release their first-quarter earnings for this year during the latter half of may which should help to indicate where they are in terms of moving forward.

The company has made quite sizable headlines in recent times including opening up the doors to U.S. investors which is quite a big step for anyone who knows about cannabis. The company recently became listed on the OTC Pink exchange which has helped to bring in a larger consumer base to the company.

CEO Khurram Malik stated that “we are excited to upgrade Biome’s U.S. listing to the OTCQB Venture Market. This is an important step and milestone for the company as it aims to increase its presence among American retail and institutional investors. This move will provide investors with additional liquidity and increased trading capacity.” With so much on the table for the company, Biome Grow Inc. shows that they are committed to a bright future for themselves and those who invest in the business.

Village Farms (VFF) is a large grower of cannabis also based out of the Canadian landscape. The company has been working to build out their irrigation and grow techniques to ensure that they are producing the best quality product possible.

The company started with a traditional vegetable growing farm which they have worked to convert into one that can grow marijuana. With 200 acres across Mexico, the U.S. and Canada, the company looks like they should be able to make a dent in supply worries throughout the industry. The company still has a long way to go as far as working against the top growers in the industry, but they do definitely look like they are on the right track.

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