Have you heard the story that just came out this weekend about Snoop Dog trying to raise $25,000,000 for investment Marijuana? Well it’s true, but what does it mean and is it a good idea? I guess all of that depends on perspective as well as having clearly defined roles mapped out once those funds are ready to go.


$25,000,000 is a lot of money, no matter who you are and just because Snoop-A-Loop is jumping into the space (or trying) doesn’t guarantee success. If we were discussing a raise of $25m to create a new record label, I’d feel better with it in the hands of Snoop, but this is Marijuana; and loving Weed doesn’t mean you can make money on it.


This is where we need to understand clearly defined roles for this raise. I like Snoop, but unless he is a conduit for awareness & bringing money in he’s just pissing in the wind. Snoop as “the” or one of a few pitch persons is ok by me. I’d like to see some well known money managers/venture capitalists doing this in conjunction with him. I’m all about the team, as they say “you don’t bet on the horse, you bet on the jockey.” I want the strongest team possible when it comes to my investment, especially if i’m cutting a 7 figure check. I sharks playing with my money, not the people that talked Snoop into making “Soul Plane.”


So Snoop or Jenn T. over at Paradigm give us a call, because we would like to talk to you about facilitating something in this space. You are going to need much more than a $25,000,000 fund to get started and we already have the attention of the Marijuana Investment community. Cheers, I mean “Fo Shizzle”-


Da Wolf


MAPH Enterprises, LLC | (305) 414-0128 | 1501 Venera Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33146 | new@marijuanastocks.com
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