Some Call This Company “The Priceline of Pot” for the Marijuana Industry. Is This How Smart Investors Are Seeing Green?

Intelligent entrepreneurs are scrambling to plant their flag in one of the most exciting industries since the dawn of the tech boom. The “Green Gold Rush”as some are calling it, is quickly producing plentiful amounts of opportunities for people looking for opportunity in the industry. We’re talking about growers, retailers, wholesalers, shippers, fertilizer providers, accessory retailers, as well as baking edibles…and this is only the start!

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Is Cannabis Ready To Head To Nursing Homes?

There is no doubt that cannabis has a high amount of viability as a treatment for a variety of symptoms that the elderly face. As the world of legal cannabis comes into play, weed continues to be a solid alternative to more traditional medicines. One of the newest questions that people have been asking in the industry is whether or not nursing homes should allow the use of cannabis.

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Pioneering Research For Cannabis Therapy & Children

The benefit of cannabis for children suffering from autism and related conditions is objectively one of the best treatments for the disease. Several children are a part of new clinical trials with the goal of finding breakthrough treatments using the compounds within cannabis, such as CBD and THC.

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