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The Average Marijuana Stock Price Is Up Over 300% In The Past Year


Investing in marijuana seems to be the current trend as high returns have been noted across the board, however, Investors have, in the past year, been spoiled by incredibly high yields since the stock market’s bounce back after 2008. The three major U.S. indexes have tripled in value, with the NASDAQ Composite reaching almost four times what it was in 2009.


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This Is Why Banks Can’t Touch Legally Sold Marijuana Money



The transactions of the marijuana industry continue to be based on cash as federal regulation refuses banks from accepting state-legislated cannabis money. Take a classic marijuana dispensary who is forced to do all of their business in cash. Once they receive all that money, how do they pay their employees, keep their profits safe, and use money to pay anything from rent, to a car payment?



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InCaseYouMissedIt: How To Invest In Marijuana Stocks Wisely

This year, the cannabis industry is supposed to grow exponentially, and only increase as the years go on. It is noted that several investors have already raked in over 2,000% on some fresh IPO’s and smart picks. As legalization hits more states, the market is only expected to get bigger.


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