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Top 3 Marijuana Stocks Canada Wants To Keep To Themselves


Although the Canadian cannabis sector offers tremendous upside, investors need to be cautious and focus on companies that have a differentiated strategy. We have highlighted three Canadian cannabis stocks that trade in both the United States and Canada which we think have long-term upside due to their respective strategy.



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Local Governments Are Facing Difficulties Trying to Cash In On The Marijuana Industry


At the office of Monterey County’s Treasurer-Tax Collector, armed- guards now stand watch over the parking lot and lobby door. A recently restored front office now serves as a secure drop-off point for taxpayers hauling big bags full of cash. A fleet of state-of-the-art currency counters stand ready to quickly record unprecedented sums of paper bills. And the regularly scheduled armored truck pickups are now passing through at a swifter clip.



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Marijuana Stocks: When We Connect the Dots, You Profit

Over the last couple years, as the marijuana industry has taken flight, it has been our mission to help our readers make money from cannabis. Every once in a while we publish a “Connect the Dots” article highlighting a company or group of companies that we believe have tremendous near-term upside potential. By identifying these companies and providing insight and research otherwise unavailable to the mainstream investor, we have been able to help our readers gain as much as 9,932% in about two and a half years. That is the combined gain percentage that all of our Connect the Dots companies experienced in the weeks and months after we published an article. Let’s take a look at some of our biggest gainers.


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