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mCig, Inc. (MCIG) Applauds the FDAs Decision to Delay Enforcement of E-Cig Rules

mCig, Inc. ( OTCQB : MCIG ), a diversified company servicing the legal cannabis and vape markets with innovative products, technologies, and services, is pleased to share news of the FDA’s latest decision to delay e-cig enforcement rules. After months of public pressure and outcry following the release and details of the new federal government e-cig deeming regulations released last year, the FDA has decided to delay regulatory enforcement of such regulations till 2022. According to FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb, the reason the FDA has decided to delay new regulations is that it realizes vaping can be an effective tool in helping to wean smokers off conventional cigarettes, “which will eventually kill half of all long-term users,” said Gottlieb.

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Funding Marijuana Start-Ups

The largest necessity to start up companies is proper funding in order to succeed in their own markets. If you decide to open a restaurant or clothing store, you might decide to go to a traditional bank to get a loan. This process fully changes if you decide to start up a hopefully successful marijuana business. Due to the risky legislation between federal and state governments, banks cannot simply loan money to marijuana-related businesses. Recently, a few banks and credit unions have been able to offer merchant services including; deposits, lines of credits, credit card processing, and in some cases, loans. Several other non-institutional investors and venture capitalists have been able to take advantage and get ahead in the market.

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Marijuana Stocks Now On Reddit

Marijuana Stocks is now on Reddit. Come join the community, contribute stories, marijuana stock ideas, and anything related to cannabis stocks, marijuana stocks, cbd stocks, medical marijuana stocks, and more.

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