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For anyone who has been trading in marijuana stocks over the past year, they know the difficulties that have come to play with massive volatile swings in the industry. Trading days in the past few months alone have seen many of the top stocks shoot up or down in the double digits leading to a somewhat unstable idea of marijuana stocks. Monday, December 3rd saw many of the most popular cannabis stocks up in the double digits once more being lead by Cronos Group (NASDAQ:CRON)

As far as the Cronos Group is concerned, their stock rise can be attributed to a speculative factor that hit the market early in the trading day. The company is reportedly in talks with the tobacco giant, Altria (MO)
as to whether or not the latter wants to make an acquisition. The news is still in the works however but many are reflecting on only months ago when the same company attempted to buy Aphria. Altria has been working to consider a number of acquisitions including taking a large stake in the massive e-cigarette maker, Juul. The Cronos Group saw their stock rise by as much as 15% during intraday trading which is exciting enough to bring any investor to attention.

Other cannabis stocks quickly followed such as Canopy Growth (NYSE:CGC) and Tilray (NASDAQ:TLRY), jumping up by around 3% and over 5% respectively. All of this news may sound great, but it still does not deny that the marijuana industry is very much a young market subject to these types of fluctuations in price.

The Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD) similarly saw its stock rise by as much as 15% during mid-day trading falling back around its opening price by the end of the day. TGOD uniquely, however, has a lot to offer to investors looking for value in the cannabis sector. The company has its headquarters based out of Canada in the province of Ontario which is one of the largest marijuana markets in the nation.

Canada recently legalized the use of recreational cannabis which was a major paradigm shift for the world industry on marijuana. The Green Organic Dutchman is set to benefit greatly off of the news as they have supply agreements in almost every province throughout Canada. TGOD is however only one example of the successes of the cannabis market, but the idea of volatility can still be enough to scare some out of investing.

Aurora Cannabis (NYSE:ACB) is considered to be one of the largest growers of cannabis in the world. The company is working to push out as much as 700,000 kilograms of cannabis when operating at full capacity. Different from other growers however, Aurora has been working to secure itself in the industry by signing into strategic partnerships with various growers and labs around the nation and abroad. This has meant that much of their capital is drawn away as it is going into these offerings, but that doesn’t deny the company a bright future ahead.

The volatility of the cannabis market looks as though it is here to stay at least in the short term. Investors should always ensure that they are doing all of their research in a given company and market so that they stay up to date with the happenings. As the years continue to fly by, marijuana will hopefully be able to reach the predictions that many have set for it.

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