With less than a month to go before the 2016 general election decides the future of our beleaguered nation, there’s little doubt those who back marijuana reform will more than likely be victorious on the morning of November 9. Surprising a few and satisfying the masses, a new poll displays that 73% of Indiana’s likely voters stand for the legalization of medical marijuana in “The Hoosier State;” while another pot-centric survey displays 61% of New Mexico’s likely voters support the idea of legalizing the adult use of recreational marijuana.

In an exclusive poll of 600 likely voters led by Indiana’s WTHR News and Howey Politics Indiana, pollsters found that a large amount of Hoosiers support the idea of legalizing medical marijuana – by approximately 73%. Featuring the normal division down party lines, the poll discovered 82% of self-identified Democrats and 77% of Independents are all for the forward thinking idea of legalizing medical marijuana in the state of Indiana. And, displaying their understanding for Indiana’s sick and suffering, even the GOP respondents showed a plausible 59% approval for legalizing MMJ. Experiencing some of the cruelest marijuana penalties in the US, individuals currently apprehended with just one joint by Indiana’s law enforcement could potentially face the heart crushing penalty of one year in the big house and a fine of up to $5000.

With marijuana decriminalized but not monetized in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and MMJ legal in the border state, constituents remain confident they will soon join their neighbors to the north in decreasing crime and increasing tax revenue, as 61% of New Mexico’s likely voters showed their support for legalizing recreational marijuana in a recent poll. After two years of watching Colorado rake in their newest pot-laced tax revenue and fund their schools with its chronic tax dollars, voters in NM between the ages of 18 and 34 support legalization by 82%, while 61% of likely voters strongly support it, according to pollster Brian Sanderoff.

“The new generation that is getting onto the voter rolls are more likely to support, so it’s only logical that support levels have been rising.”

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