Catalyst: A person or thing that precipitates an event or change.

Synonyms: Impetus, incendiary, incitement, impulse, Radical Stimulant

On Monday October 27th a federal district Judge will begin a discussion that some say is very incendiary, that can have consequences that can act as a radical stimulant (like how I did that) in the Marijuana Stock markets. Why is this important, one might ask if they’ve been living in a cave, but for everyone else we know exactly why.

Currently Marijuana, a plant that grows on 6 of 7 continents is scheduled as a class 1 drug. What this means is that it is on the level of Cocaine, Heroin, PCP, and Crystal Meth and if you believe the assholes that have been trying to brainwash the public for the last 75 years or so it has no benefits medically, creates madness and is the devil! What I say to that is “Follow the Money!”

Why would anyone say that about Marijuana? Where is the motive? Was the angle of someone like William Randolph Hearst that of a mere puritan bent on saving the soul of the public? Hell no it wasn’t, that guy was a ruthless asshole that set the bar for assholiness for the 75 years since he began his war on weed/hemp. While this is another story all together we will cover, the cliff notes version is that Hearst who had a newspaper empire (cough, cough Monopoly) wanted to destroy the hemp industry (a plant that looks like weed) and use slanderous fear mongering tactics to make the case that Cannabis use lead to violent acts amongst users. Hearst didn’t give a shit about Cannabis or Hemp he cared about timber and trees used to make paper. He didn’t get rich by being a boy scout, he was a shark. When you “follow the money” it’s clear & Big Pharma, the Christian right and a bunch of other D-bags have been riding this schedule 1 classification using the Hearst model like a donkey; but I digress.

Catalysts… Marijuana Stocks have depended on Catalysts like this since the beginning. In February of 2013 the Catalyst was Medbox going to $215 a share in one day (although it was only on 1470 shares of volume), as such the next day the buzz was MMJ stocks and there were huge gainers 3,4,500% +++ then profit taking until late August. What happened in August 2013? Eric Holder the attorney general said he wasn’t going to step on the toes of states that passed marijuana legislation. What followed was a gradual rise of marijuana stocks from August until January 1st where the biggest catalyst to date hit. Yes I’m talking about Colorado going fully recreational. The profits and percentage gains that this catalyst caused were history making. These gains were on the level of dot-com except now we were talking dot-bong. It is in this time period that the Wolf of Weed Street was born and my model for success was simple; ride the momentum and play the catalysts. I even dubbed it “Frogger,” get in, get out move to the next.

As many of you know the prohibition of Marijuana cannot last long with all the states shifting towards a more rational way of tackling this issue as the public has shifted in favor of legal weed. At some point Marijuana will not be a schedule 1 drug nor will it be illegal federally. The sooner these lawmakers realize it the sooner they too can profit off of it and kill an income source for real criminals. What the reclassification of marijuana would mean for the marijuana stocks is gains potentially bigger or the same as Colorado going recreational. This will not only be great for the markets, but it will be a major domino in legislation. It will inevitably lead to the federal government making Marijuana Legal, taxable and regulated as well as making people reading this article and news on very rich. Time will tell as they say, but stay tuned as we will have more updates on this story. -The Wolf

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