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He is the man in the room that you should be talking to, he is the mind of the moment that is dissecting the mass amount of information there is in the MMJ space, and he is doing everything behind the elusiveness of a ferocious wolf mask. The mysterious genius of the hour is the founder and CEO of & His choice to personify himself as the ‘The Wolf of Weed Street’ is undoubtedly befitting. His vigor for the industry is captivating and what he has to say will keep a firm grip on you… til his very last sentence.

What was the deciding factor for you to join this particular industry?

The deciding factor wasn’t immediately obvious. People reading this may or may not know that I actually began simply as an investor in the marijuana sector. I tweeted about marijuana stocks I had been watching for some time as The Wolf Of Weed Street and as I started to pick winners, my following went parabolic, so to speak. Suddenly, I was fielding all manner of questions related to cannabis stocks, cannabis regulation, and so on. It was then that I realized that there wasn’t much great information I could get out to the public that was less than 140 characters and so I expanded past the Twitter realm. The stocks I traded were, for the most part, ancillary businesses in MMJ and I thought to myself “why not become one of those ancillary businesses?” My product had soon evolved into information and I haven’t looked back since. will be a leading source for information regarding stocks in this sector.

What skills from your previous experiences helped you in what you are doing now?

How long is this article going to be? In a previous life I dealt with C-Level executives & board members that were controlling millions of dollars in property that had been disrupted by some manner of catastrophe like a tornado, fire, or flood. I essentially was there to mitigate any further damage, restore their facility, and get their business back to business as usual. What I learned there was that I had a pretty good handle at managing their emotional state by mapping out strategies to get their corporations back to pre-catastrophe conditions with my team despite the highly emotional environment. It’s a lot like trading stocks in a way; there will always be emotion in the “bottom line.”

Right now, where are you guiding your passion and energy towards?

Currently, I am dedicating my energy and passion to putting out information that is not only informative, but entertaining. I’d like to one day see & as a media based company tailored specifically to the marijuana movement with all its different vertical markets. Whether it’s the stock side, the ancillary business side, or the regulatory side of MMJ, I’m focusing my resources on creating one place to get all the meaningful information a person needs who is interested in the sector.

Describe your work ethic to me in one word.


What do you consider your weakness as an entrepreneur? Your strength?

I’m possibly too aggressive at times, but my strength is that I recognize talent in this space and I’m not afraid to align myself with the right people, so long as it’s a mutually beneficial situation.

Another strength is my thick skin for holding my character as The Wolf. I never worry about what anyone else says or other people’s opinion, but I do take note. It’s important to step away from ones self and be objective about the perception out there.

How are you differentiating yourself from the competition?

I think I have differentiated myself from the competition by being supportive of it. I recognize that there will always be lines drawn and sides chosen. Some people like Coke while others like Pepsi; to think that you can change that by being aggressive in nature is a huge misstep. My brand is that I am who I am and that I am self-aware. What differentiates me right now is that I have the biggest microphone. Whether people like me or not, they are hearing what I say. The fact remains that all the information out there exists already; I am only acting as a facilitator, as it would be morally presumptuous to think that I can change people’s minds without said information.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

#1 Always be the dumbest guy in the room, that way you are surrounded by geniuses.

#2 Why be on the team, when you can own it?

What’s your newest knowledge about the marijuana industry?

I wouldn’t say this is the newest piece of information, but when I look at how real estate prices in Colorado exploded after the state went recreational it forced me to take a look at all aspects of MMJ. As an investor, it is always wise to try and see things in 3D instead of 2D. Since watching the price per square footage go up as insanely as they have, I use that as an example of the explosive growth that will occur in other areas as well. To put it into terms that people can understand; picture an IPhone6, a person could very well go out and buy shares of Apple stock for $100 or they can invest in a stock that makes components that Apple uses like their glass screen manufacturers, etc. When you start looking at the MMJ sector like that, all the opportunities are illuminated.

If you could rewind time to 5 years ago, how would your business be different?

Ask me in five years because it’s a waste of time to try and go back unless of course you have a working “Flux-Capacitor.” The only thing entrepreneurs can do is not repeat mistakes they’ve made and learn how to avoid them in the future. To go back is to devolve and I have no interest other than evolving into the vision I have.

What will we be seeing from you and in the coming future?

What you will see from in the future is a living and breathing website in the sense that it’s users will be active & populating its message boards, chat rooms, etc. It will be better than what it is today and it will be even better the day after. For myself and the people involved, we see the potential in the emerging market of marijuana stocks as well as the other ancillary businesses associated with it and within it. As for myself, I will always be The Wolf, but I imagine I’ll be taking off the mask soon; to keep it on would keep me from evolving.

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