Marijuana is constantly portrayed as a gateway drug, but for new and young entrepreneurs, weed is the gateway to a brand new world.

This new world includes cultivating, growing, running a company, and more. The cannabis industry has given ambitious new heads the right capital to succeed in all sectors of business. Millennial interest in the cannabis industry is worth being observed, as younger generations likely are the future of this trendy new market.

According to Pew Research, millennials are those between ages 18 to 33. The millennial generation has grown along with the marijuana industry; because of this, millennials have a more sympathetic and optimistic view on reform and marijuana. The familiarity with the culture of cannabis and knowledge of marijuana can lead to high success within the industry. In the world where passion determines success, age is not a factor; in other words, you don’t have to be an old experienced man. There are many examples of young entrepreneurs that can be noted from industries besides marijuana, most of which are tech. For instance, Steve Jobs launched Apple at 21, and Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook at 20. Overall, passion can bring amazing ideas into the world.

Spencer Kirson is the owner of Standing Akimbo, a dispensary in Denver, Colorado and 29 years old. He spoke to MJINews about how he became successful. Kirson’s dispensary is proud of managing some of the best medicine in all of Colorado. In 2014, Akimbo was awarded a High Times Cannabis Cup with Jilly Bean for most efficient medical Sativa strain. Kris did not have any prior business experience, but he did have one thing: passion. With just a passion for farming and distributing good medicinal marijuana, Kirson now operates a successful cannabis dispensary. Nevertheless, just like any success story, his success did not come without struggle.

According to Kirson, “we learned the hard way how to operate a large cultivation center as well as run a business, without any formal business training. The struggle was real and there wasn’t a profit to speak of. [My partners and I] did it because we loved what we were doing and we were having fun. No one got a paycheck for the first year. It was all volunteer hours to achieve a larger goal.”

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