The state of Louisiana is recognized for having some of the strictest laws against cannabis possession in the entire country. However, this perception may no longer be the case if lawmakers could go against all odds and make legislative forces believe the best way to compensate for the low state budget. Reports show that the Louisiana Legislature might be getting ready to look directly into a new measure towards the end of this session that would take Louisiana out of its prohibition status and form a legal marijuana industry.

Earlier this week, the appropriations committee passed various bills with the purpose of trying to close the gap that exists in Louisiana’s horrendous $850 million budget deficit. Lawmakers are worried that the political standoff between the Republican-dominated legislature and the Governor’s office occurring as they decide how to fix this deficit will just lead to a stalemate.

While it may be true that the details of the bill have not been reported, KLFY News 10 reports that they have been told that a recreational cannabis bill is on its way. Lawmakers hope to pass this bill by showing the House and Senate that marijuana would make more money for the state than the current prohibition has.

This does not seem likely, though; there are many people who are against the thought of cannabis being legal in the state of Louisiana. This isn’t a surprise; Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser claims that he does not think “it sends the right message that we’re going to legalize [marijuana] because we have a budget problem.” Also, in the past, there have been cannabis offenders sent to perform decades of labor, but it is not impossible to see a change. Louisiana would be the first state in the South to allow cannabis to be distributed despite its negative perception.

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