Leafbuyer Technologies, Inc. (LBUY) Announces Integration with Major Industry Point of Sale Systems


Leafbuyer Technologies Announces Integration with Major Industry Point of Sale Systems, Enhancing Website and Online Ordering Capabilities

Leafbuyer Technologies, Inc. (LBUY) (“Leafbuyer” or “the Company”) announces today its integration with five industry-leading Point of Sale (POS) systems, including GreenBits, Adilas, Cova, MMJ Menu, and MJ Freeway.

POS systems help dispensaries in every legal market track cannabis products from seed to sale and then conduct a transaction. At any point, the dispensary’s POS system knows the total inventory for every product in the store. By integrating with these technologies, Leafbuyer is not only able to display real-time, accurate information to consumers looking to pre-order online, but will soon be able to pull purchase information.

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“Integration takes our consumers’ online ordering experience to the next level,” said Mark Breen, COO of Leafbuyer. “Consumers need to know immediately if, for example, their favorite edible is in stock before they pre-order. If we didn’t integrate with POS systems, we would have to rely on people to update the inventory, which leads to human error. Now, it’s automated.”

Leafbuyer is working to expand its POS capability and plans to announce more in the near future as the company expands its national footprint.

About Leafbuyer

Leafbuyer.com is one of the most comprehensive online sources for cannabis deals and information. Leafbuyer works alongside cannabis businesses to showcase their unique products and build a network of loyal patrons. The Company’s online network reaches millions of marijuana consumers every month. Leafbuyer is the official cannabis deals platform of LA Weekly, Voice Media Group, Dope Media, Grasscity, and The Stranger.

Learn more at Leafbuyer.com.

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