Kevin Biernacki of The Grove dispensary has been a marijuana grower for the past two decades. Now, Biernacki oversees one of the most sophisticated legal grow-houses in Southern Nevada. The Grove produces marijuana for medical use; and on Nov. 8, Nevadans will vote on whether all people ages 21 and older can legally purchase up to 1 ounce of pot from state-licensed dispensaries. For the last 30 years, about 80 percent of the cannabis that was sold on the black market in the United States came from Humboldt County.

When asked where his passion for marijuana came from, Biernacki stated that cannabis is on the cutting edge of helping people with critical diseases. With the feds having acknowledged its place in medicine, it has cured countless cancer patients. The concept surrounding cannabis as a gateway drug came in the 1960s, out of commercials that were trying to eliminate people from smoking. And it has kind of come out of nowhere, with no generated research. To make a plant that grows naturally in water illegal, it would be like eliminating any other plant. It doesn’t make any sense. Its use has been recorded in history, tracing back to prehistoric times.

One of the things that have been found is that for seizures, cannabis with high cannabidiol is best. A lot of people thought cannabidiol were cancer-curing agents. Turns out its high THC with a small balance of CBDs is more effective for cancer. THC acts as a carrier for the CBDs to get into the cells. The FDA will not allow you to research it, though, because its classification as a Schedule 1 Drug. If they were to declassify it, that’d be ideal. If they simply take it from a Schedule 1 to a Schedule 2, it allows the pharmacies to sell products and get their hands into it. When pharmaceutical companies get involved, it becomes difficult.

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