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Recently Jeff Sessions held his confirmation hearing, during which he was asked various types of questions from Senators. Some of those questions specifically dealt with the subject of marijuana. The nomination of Jeff Sessions for United States Attorney General has caused a great amount of risk in the marijuana world, both in America and overseas. President Donald Trump has made remarks in the past that he supports reform, but has also made comments contradicting what he previously said.

If you are an ‘actions speak louder than words’ person like me, then the nomination of Jeff Sessions likely scares you to your core. Jeff Sessions gave answers to the marijuana-related questions from his confirmation hearing. Those answers were neatly compiled and included in today’s ‘Tom Angell Report. The Tom Angell Report is jam packed with all types of marijuana information, whether it be local, state, national, or international news.

  • “While I am generally familiar with the Cole memorandum, I am not privy to any internal Department of Justice data regarding the effectiveness and value of the policies contained within that memorandum. I will certainly review and evaluate those policies, including the original justifications for the memorandum, as well as any relevant data and how circumstances may have changed or how they may change in the future.”

    “I will not commit to never enforcing Federal law. Whether an arrest and investigation of an individual who may be violating the law is appropriate is a determination made in individual cases based on the sometimes unique circumstances surrounding those cases, as well as the resources available at the time.”

    A new federal court ruling that a Congressional rider prevents the Justice Department from going after people complying with state medical marijuana laws “is relatively recent, and I am not familiar with how other courts may have interpreted the relevant appropriations language or the Ninth Circuit’s opinion. As an emerging issue, that is one that will need to be closely evaluated in light of all relevant law and facts. I will conduct such a review. Of course, medical marijuana use is a small part of the growing commercial marijuana industry.”

    Regarding “good people don’t smoke marijuana,” “My words have been grossly mischaracterized and taken out of context. I was discussing the value of treating people for using dangerous and illegal drugs like marijuana, and the context in which treatment is successful.”

    “I echo Attorney General Lynch’s comments [on marijuana being illegal], and commit, as she did, to enforcing federal law with respect to marijuana, although the exact balance of enforcement priorities is an ever-changing determination based on the circumstances and the resources available at the time.”

    “I will defer to the American Medical Association and the researchers at the National Institutes of Health and elsewhere about the medical effects of marijuana. Without having studied the relevant regulations in depth, I cannot say whether they may need to be eased in order to advance research; but, I will review this.”

    The Judiciary Committee is scheduled to recognize Sessions’ nomination but Democrats have hinted they will try to set back the vote.

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    We are supposed to use it in adult fashion and responsibly – and, as adults, we should find no law persuading us differently.

  2. As Mr. Sessions made this statement “Regarding “good people don’t smoke marijuana,” “My words have been grossly mischaracterized and taken out of context. I was discussing the value of treating people for using dangerous and illegal drugs like marijuana, and the context in which treatment is successful.” President Trump has made a stand on who bad people are, look how that has turned out. Mr. Sessions has made it clear who “bad people” are, which amounts to 10’s of millions of Americans. I call out to Our Good President, President Trump, the good gentleman you picked to be the leader of this Great Nations Justice System, who will bring with him to that great office his understanding that 10’s of millions of good citizens are in his mind “bad people”. Mr. President your decision to stop the people coming into our great nation, from several country’s, is not that they are all “bad people”, it is for those few that are truly “bad people”. you have closed our boarders. To allow a man that believes 10’s of millions of Americans’ are “bad people” has no right to become this Great Nations Attorney General,You had no idea of Mr. Sessions disregard to honesty tell his involvement with the civil rights cases . Rather than placing Jack boots on the ground in this great nation, show us you are a president of the people for the people and replace your nominee for our attorney General. Marijuana is a unique parts of our society, There is nothing like it to compare it to, except maybe “ammo nitrate, it certainly is not dangerous. As for it being illegal we can thank our good people called Mormons, as they called back the families they sent out of the church for polygamy at the end of the 1800’s, those good people brought marijuana with them, the church in their infinite wisdom does not allow any sort of mind altering experience, The church could not make the parishioners stop using grass, so the elders went to the State and had the State make law that made grass illegal. The only bad thing about grass is we live in a market economy and supply and demand has kept the cost up. When most states allow the legalization the cost will go to 40 dollars for a lid, For you millennial that is a four finger baggy a bag filled four fingers high. President Trump its up to you… Peace out.

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