There a countless testimonies floating around from veterans who illustrate how medicinal marijuana has helped them handle PTSD. Dr. Sue Sisley is a doctor from Arizona who is pursuing research on PTSD and medical marijuana and has also been conducting business around the country championing medical marijuana for PTSD.

At the beginning of this month, Dr. Sisley was in Colorado where there was and attempt to add PTSD to the list of qualifying medical issues to be considered a medical marijuana patient. Different states currently have added PTSD to the list of qualifying medical issues to be treated with medical marijuana, and many thought that Colorado would follow the same path. Sadly, that displayed a different reality. Colorado is a national leader in many ways when it comes to cannabis, yet helping individuals that suffer from PTSD is not one of them.

So with so many testimonies out there from various people who suffer from PTSD and obtain relief from medicinal marijuana, the testimony of a doctor who is heading up the investigative study to prove that PTSD helps suffers, and many other places across the US who have now added PTSD to their list, Yet how didi this valid attempt fail? Dr. Sue Sisley has an idea its because o the heavy level of influence from the pharmaceutical industry.

“Sisley has her suspicions about what happened behind the scenes at the Colorado hearing, where of the fifty-plus speakers, only two testified in opposition to the proposal. “Several members who voted ‘no’ cited the fact that APA and other organized medicine groups oppose this initiative,” she says. “I am concerned that these organized medicine groups are heavily influenced by big Pharma….. Obviously, Pharma has a vested interest in suppressing these initiatives because they have the potential to harm their ‘business model.”

Representative Jonathan Singer has offered to run another bill through the Colorado Legislature that would add PTSD to the list of MMJ approved complaints “but I think the best approach is probably to go through the court system, as we did successfully in Arizona,” Sisley says, noting that several Colorado attorneys agree:  ”So look for a court case this fall.”

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