Pokemon Go has quickly become one of the most popular games on the market. Wherever you live, you can always find people walking around looking for some new Pokemon. It is very hard to find someone that grew up in the 80’s or 90’s that did not play Pokemon, so it is enjoyable to a very large market of people. There are times when you smoke and just have no idea what to do. Now, though, there is something fun to do for just about anyone: catch Pokemon.

“Now, whenever my friends and I decide to smoke, all we do is look for Pokemon,” a college student who requested to be anonymous said to marijuanastocks.com. “It’s just the most fun way to spend our high, and even if we weren’t high, it’s definitely still fun.”

The concept of Pokemon Go involves a ton of walking around and exploring, and what’s more fun than exploring things when you’re baked? Not only does it get rid of the monotony of merely walking around, but it can also make time go by quickly. This isn’t just good for monotony, though. If you’ve ever played the original Pokemon games, you know that to hatch an egg, you simply need to travel long distances. Well, while you’re exploring, you’ll also be able to hatch these eggs. But there is one feature that I believe makes this game perfect for stoners: lures.

What are lures? Well, lures are items you can use on pokestops to attract Pokemon to your location. This would be amazing if you are going to have a session with your friends. You can just take out a bowl, your phone, and enjoy yourself while the Pokemon come to you. Of course, this won’t last forever. Lures last for about thirty minutes, and then you will need to go out and explore again. If you’re lucky, though, you will be able to find areas will other people have set up lures. Hopefully, they are okay with smoking, but if they are not, just do it before you get there and enjoy yourself; your priority should be catching them all, anyway.

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