New York has long been one of the most influential states in the U.S. From the center of the economic world of the U.S. to the fashion capital of the same, New York has played an instrumental role in the development of America. One of the most recent developments to come out of the state is the potential legalization of cannabis.

The delegates from the democratic party in the state stated that “The New York State Democratic Committee supports the legalization of marijuana which should be regulated and taxed in a manner similar to alcohol.” The statement continued to read that it “is an important social justice issue,” the measure says. “Millions of peaceful Americans have been arrested, imprisoned, fined, or otherwise needlessly criminalized and stigmatized, potentially for life, because of their use of marijuana.” The news comes at a time when many new developments in the world of cannabis in New York are beginning to surface.

After the legalization of cannabis in California back in the beginning of this year, it seems that many states have now been considering legalization due to all of the potential benefits that come with it. Mayor of NY, Bill de Blasio stated that the NYPD should no longer be arresting individuals who are smoking marijuana in public, and rather that it should be treated as a non-issue. The statement also comes at a time when de Blasio has stated he will be “overhauling and reforming” the statewide presence on cannabis legality. He continued to state that the legalization of cannabis in the state is undeniably inevitable and it’s only a matter of time until it occurs.

The public sentiment on cannabis has been changing for some time now, and the public has become more comfortable than ever before with the idea of legal cannabis. The district attorney of Manhattan stated that he will no longer be prosecuting individuals with cases on cannabis possession and smoking in public. This move is quite instrumental in securing the future of legal cannabis in the state because small pieces of legislation all contribute to the aforementioned changing notions surrounding the world of cannabis.

The city comptroller of New York stated that legalization of cannabis could potentially bring as much as almost $500 million per year in state tax revenue as well as around $335 million for city taxes. The New York Times also recently published an article showing how disproportionate the arrests for marijuana crime is in the state when looking at the race. The city has stated that there should be an end to prohibition for not only the reasons of taxation purposes, but for the purpose of helping to end this racial inequality that so many have faced in the state. The City Council speaker stated that the discriminatory arrests of cannabis offenses won’t end “until marijuana is legalized, taxes and regulated in New York City.”

The marijuana world in terms of legalization is still very new to the state of New York and the entirety of the U.S. With many states showing how positive the influence of legal cannabis is across the nation, it seems as though more and more states are beginning to become interested. With around 29 states now in the U.S. having some sort of legalization measures in place for cannabis whether it be recreational or medicinal, the paradigm in the U.S. surrounding cannabis is quickly changing. Only time will tell how these new efforts to change legal practices and the economy on cannabis in New York will work for the people.

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