Although the United States cannabis industry offers investors a lot of upside, it offers even more risk as a majority of the companies are fraudulent. Many of the cannabis companies that trade on the OTC exchange are led by management teams focused on creating value for themselves, and rely on the sale of stock to stay in business. Canada Remains a Bright Spot of the Industry

The Canadian medical cannabis industry continues to be a bright spot in the cannabis sector as its constituents are led by management teams that continue to execute on business initiatives and create value for shareholders. One the biggest developments in 2015 was the victory by Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party in the Canadian general election.

The outcome of the campaign was a huge victory for the Canadian cannabis industry and will serve as a catalyst for stocks levered to this industry. Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party have said they will make cannabis legalization a priority.

A Growing Program

In 2014, Canada created a federal medical cannabis program called Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR). The program has enabled the country to move from a system that allowed patients to buy from a single government‐approved grower or to either grow their own or purchase from non‐commercial growers, to a system of multiple commercial providers. The Canadian medical cannabis industry is growing at an impressive 10% per month and it now has more than 75,000 patients. There are currently 31 federally licensed medical cannabis producers in Canada under Health Canada’s MMPR.

Catalysts Ahead

Canada has announced plans to legalize recreational cannabis in spring 2017. Before recreational cannabis is legalized, we expect to see consolidation within the industry.

The government’s plan to legalize cannabis has made several licensed medical cannabis producers attractive investment opportunities to institutional investors, hedge funds, and investments, banks. Licensed medical cannabis producers have raised more than $50 million so far this year and we expect this number to increase exponentially during the back half of the year.

This has made capital much easier to access, which has supported growth initiatives like land acquisitions, construction costs, license/company acquisitions, production capacity increases, etc. The number of investments like this have increased significantly this year as licensed producers prepare for an extended period of accelerated growth following these various event-driven catalysts.

Authored By: Michael Berger

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