With the presidential election right around the corner and a record number of states voting on legal cannabis ballot initiatives, 2016 will be a banner year for the cannabis industry.

We believe that the 2016 election will be a watershed moment for the cannabis industry as states like California and Florida vote to expand existing cannabis programs. California will vote on recreational cannabis and Florida will vote on medical cannabis. These two states could have a significant impact on the legal cannabis industry.

Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton is considerably ahead of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in the polls and has repeatedly said that she would like to re-categorize cannabis from a Schedule 1 to a Schedule 2 substance so that researchers can better investigate its uses and limitations.

Top Five Pre-Election Cannabis Stocks

Although the legal cannabis industry has gained a lot of ground in the last two years we are still in the first inning of a multi-decade growth cycle. From an investor standpoint, there are several ways to capitalize on this opportunity but the best and easiest avenue is through investing in publicly traded companies.

Although many cannabis stocks have already had remarkable rallies, we think this is just the beginning and want to highlight five stocks that we expect to benefit from the election:

Medicine Man Technologies (MDCL) provides cultivation consulting services focused on cannabis growing technologies and methodologies. Medicine Man has clients in Arizona, California, Florida, Maryland, Nevada, Oregon, Ohio, Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Puerto Rico. We have been favorable on the company as it would directly benefit from a positive election result.

American Cannabis Company (AMMJ) provides advisory and consulting services for cannabis businesses in the United States and Canada. American Cannabis generates revenue from the sales of products used in the cultivation, processing, and sale of cannabis. The company also generates revenue through its consulting clients across the country. American Cannabis is levered to the election via its consulting clients as well as its product business.

MassRoots (MSRT) has been called the Instagram of the cannabis industry and its mobile app can be downloaded only in states where medical cannabis is legal. The election is a significant event for MassRoots because a successful outcome would enable the company to reach more users and businesses in states that pass cannabis ballot initiatives.

GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH) is the bellwether of the cannabis industry and tends to benefit from any positive development in the cannabis industry. We continue to view GW Pharmaceutical as the best long-term cannabis investment due to its deep pipeline of products, its successful FDA testing results, its Wall Street coverage, and its valuation as its shares are trading well below the average Wall Street price target.

Kush Bottles (KSHB) is focused on providing exit bag products that are in compliance with regulations. We see a lot of opportunity for growth as new state markets open and existing markets develop. We are favorable on Kush Bottles due to the product it provides, its geographic diversity and its continued execution.

Authored By: Michael Berger

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