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One of the most crucial reason in regards to legalizing and financially profiting from marijuana goes like this: alcohol prohibition was not a god move and certainly was not successful in the end, which means that cannabis prohibition will not be successful either therefore we have to legalize cannabis a make believe it is identical to alcohol. However isn’t this too simple thinking for such a tricky issue. it is a false selection, perhaps a smart fallacy or a cognitive bias?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse documents that 1 in out of 11 cannabis users become addicted, and for teenagers it is 1 in6. People who are using pot as a medical resource do not belong in this statistic. So, how do we legalize marijuana while protecting people who are vulnerable? Does it even exist? Should recreational cannabis be accessible to anyone ver the age of 21 or should it also be available with a prescription? For someone who is looking for free access to it, this would not be a picture-perfect situation, yet, cannabis is not for all people. Scientific research identifies a connection between cannabis and schizophrenia new studies display that those of us who are genetically pre-disposed to schizophrenia used marijuana more often, and in greater amounts than those without schizophrenia risk genes. “Our study certainly does not rule out that cannabis increases the risk of schizophrenia,” one of the researchers stated “But it suggests that there is likely to be an association in the other direction as well — that a predisposition to schizophrenia also increases your likelihood of cannabis use.”

Legalizing cannabis comes off as the perfect idea, and cannabis should be legalized, yet stating things like “everyone can cons it without any consequence” is just plain absurd. Today we hear a lot of talks that cannabis is safe for all people and that is plainly not the case. There are people who have no control over their high for anyone who is vulnerable when smoking we need to stop latching on the an antiquated observation of legalizing marijuana, and start developing the already existing foundation and legalize cannabis the most efficient way popsicle

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