A research team out of Marseilles, France have validated what we all suspected, marijuana use is very much associated with so-called sliding sports: skiing, windsurfing, sailing, and as well as snowboarding. A good amount of athletes that practice these sports may do it for the adrenaline rush and marijuana can help this feeling while simultaneously helping athletes focus.

Public health workers generally see nonmedical marijuana use as solely recreational, yet researchers at the University of the Mediterranean were not entirely convinced. Their most current research, “Cannabis use to enhance sportive and non-sportive performances among French sport students”
looking to test the idea that marijuana can be utilized to handle anxiety and stabilize your concentration prior to a sporting event.

A good amount of people in the exploding marijuana boom in the United States have advocated the use of cannabis for “enhancement” not just for enjoying your time at the movies. Other Investigative studies have discovered that many individuals use marijuana in what they consider non-recreational settings yet this new paper may be one of the first to provide substantial credence to the thought of enhancement.

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