Recently, a company has announced that they are going to be importing a “CBD-rich, cannabis-infused, beer” to the United states. This company is Dad & Dude’s Breweria, with their arm “Dude’s Brews.” The line is going by the name of Canna-Beer Series and will be released in fall of 2015; there have will be previews of the beer during the 2015 Great American Beer Festival where a line of beer dosed with cannabidiol extracted of marijuana plants will beer present. The specific names of the products that are going to be introduced under the Canna-Beer line are SATIVA IPA and INDICA DOUBLE IPA.

In 2012, Dank IPA was released which caused extreme controversy within the beer-brewing community. Sativa IPA seems to be a follow up of that product, and this time taking it further by using “pounds of the same smells-like-the-good-stuff hops as Dank IPA.” However, it also brings it down a bit for the casual beer drinkers. The name is a symbol of just how CBD-rich infused the drink is, using the word “SATIVA” which is Hindi for “cultivated.”

The beer-brewing industry usually refrains from using cannabis since the Federal government does not allow THC being in beer. Despite this, marijuana does make a substance called cannabidiol, or CBD. CBD is typically known for its health benefits, which include stress relief. SATIVA IPA and INDICA DOUBLE IPA are going to be “loaded with cannabidiol.”

“Finding a legal hemp oil was difficult. Locally cultivated cannabis is not legal for brewers, yet,” Mason “Dude” Hembree said. It took a year for the company to find a solution that would be legal and approved.

“It’s the final word in Colorado-style session IPAs,” says Brian Connery, a head brewer. ”It not only smells like the good stuff, but it has it in there, too.”

“We joke sometimes that it will end the bar fight,” Tom “Dad” Hembree states. “CBD is the ever-popular cannabinoid that is currently being researched for its non-psychoactive benefits.”

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