Marijuana has been around for thousands of years, helping those with a variety of ailments throughout time. New research has helped to turn weed into a viable pharmaceutical drug with a wide variety of benefits for different diseases and conditions. With twenty-nine U.S. states having some sort of legalization for the plant plus Washington D.C., it seems as though cannabis is a more than helpful medicine for a large amount of people.

So what are some of those benefits? One of the most well-known benefits of the plant is for use with those who suffer from chronic pain or any pain for that matter. A study recently came out showing how around 10,000 various studies were conducted throughout 2017, to try and prove the benefits of cannabis for pain. One of those studies helped to display how chronic pain is one of the leading causes of disability and currently affects as many as 25 million adults in the U.S. alone. This seems to be a major issue and with one of the most popular treatments currently being opioid drugs, there definitely needs to be a change. Opiates have terrible side effects and not to mention how addictive they are. Marijuana has been shown to be an incredible alternative to opiates, and actually can often work better.

One study showed that products containing cannabinoids, the active ingredients in marijuana, are incredibly effective at relieving pain. As more and more studies are conducted, the hopes are high that these drugs will enter the mainstream market in the not too distant future.

Another area where cannabis can help a large amount is with alcoholism and other addictive drugs. A clinical study was conducted recently and helped to show how the use of cannabis can help those who have alcohol or opioid dependencies, helping them to fight off their addictions. This is an incredibly large step due to the fact that before, studies have not been able to link addiction to something that could help and essentially relieve a lot of that pressure. Although marijuana can sometimes be addictive for individuals, the risks of cannabis are far lower if at all, than other drugs.

One of the most promising studies has shown that cannabis can help a great deal to those who are suffering from depression, PTSD, or forms of anxiety. A study published in the Clinical Psychology Review showed that cannabis has a large amount of viability as a treatment for various mental illnesses. Marijuana can often treat and help to relieve the symptoms of depression and PTSD. Although weed may not be a great treatment for some other mental conditions, marijuana has a large amount of potential to succeed in this area.

Another study has shown that cannabis has a large amount of amazing effects to counter nausea and vomiting caused by different cancer treatments but especially chemotherapy. Marijuana has been proven to be an extremely effective medicine to counter nausea which is one of the most common side effects for those undergoing chemotherapy. Other studies have shown that cannabis and its cannabinoids can help to slow down or even kill off some types of cancer. These are early studies, and are very much in their infant stages, but the information continues to be extremely promising. Many of these studies are under way and as time comes and goes the hopes are that these studies will continue to give out promising information about marijuana as a treatment for cancer and its side effects.

Marijuana has also been shown to be an effective treatment to the spasticity that patients may face who have multiple sclerosis. The positive effects of using the plant have been small up until this point, but research is still being done. As we learn more and more about the uses of marijuana, research continues to show that cannabis can be one of the best treatments for a wide variety of diseases. The hopes are high that as we get deeper into the next couple years, scientists will continue to conduct experiments with the plant, helping to make the next generation of medicine.

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