Oh, the fourth of July. The smell of barbecues and fireworks line the air. With so much celebration going on, one would assume that marijuana would become a part of the equation. This is undeniably true, and as cannabis continues to shoot up in popularity, more and more are using it for recreational purposes.

Marijuana has been known as a recreational substance for several thousand years. With marijuana being used for creativity, relaxation, medicinal or spiritual purposes, the uses seem to be quite endless. One of the most important factors, however, is to ensure that one is using the substance safely.

Pick Your Method

When going to use cannabis, knowing what type and what method of consumption is extremely important. Of course, one can go with any form of the smokeable plant such as a joint or a pipe. This, however, does not take into account the massive market for alternative ways to use marijuana.

Alternately, one could consume cannabis by vaping, eating, or dissolving small amounts under the tongue. These methods all vary in their potential uses as well as their effectiveness at being taken in by the body.

Going back to the first option, smoking marijuana in its raw form is one of the most traditional ways to use the substance. This is repeatable and can be quite effective as a way to get stoned. Alternatively, vaporizing marijuana has become one of the most popular ways to use the substance in the past few years.

Is Vaporizing Better?

There are many benefits when it comes to vaporizing cannabis. The first is that the dose is highly repeatable and accurate. With smoking marijuana, often times we can run into the trouble of figuring out how much one bowl will equal in terms of getting the user high. This is difficult to figure out and can end up giving less of the user the psychoactive components of the plant than necessary.

With vaporizing, the dosage is similar every time. Additionally, vaporizing cannabis is a much better way to get it into the bloodstream. Because it is not being burned, it can be taken into the body in higher quantities. Vaporizing heats up cannabis to a critical temperature where it can then be consumed by the user.

So What About Safety?

Consuming cannabis safely is all about knowing your limits. For new marijuana smokers, this means taking one hit and letting it fully take its course before having more.
This goes for many substances and not just cannabis. If one is able to start small, it will make it much easier to transition into higher doses afterward. If one is using cannabis for the first time, this can be difficult to deduce as it can take quite a few hits for the body to recognize the substance.

All in all, using cannabis safely can be done with very little information. Always start with a small dose, and make sure everyone around is doing the same.


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