Since the last federal election in 2012, the United States has seen a huge change in voter attitude for both recreational and medical cannabis. At the moment, there are four states, and the United States’s capital, D.C., that have voted to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana.

Most presidential candidates have seen these states as test subjects for possible legalization, and while some candidates themselves do not support ending cannabis prohibition, they have admitted that they may not share the same opinion as the majority of the population. With this mixture, they are choosing to let the voters speak. As more and more people begin to ask for cannabis reform, the issue has received a lot of popularity among the candidates’ platforms. The biggest change seen has been from the Republican party, which has always been anti-marijuana.

In the same way that he seems about other issues, Donald Trump’s position on pot is dubious to completely understand. He says that America has lost the War on Drugs, however, has conflicting perspectives on whether cannabis ought to be legalized. In the 1990s, he was willing to legalize cannabis. However, he has moved into a more hardline ideology against recreational cannabis while supporting it for medicinal purposes. Since 2015, he has once more loosened his position, saying that he is going to respect the states’ choices.

While constantly changing positions have ended up being one of Trump’s trademarks, his position on weed is in-accordance with the rest of the Grand Old Party. Ted Cruz has turned to be personally against the utilization of cannabis yet has seen states such as Colorado and Washington as “laboratories of democracy.” He has expressed that on the off chance that he was chosen, he wouldn’t change current laws and would permit every state to decide their own arrangement going ahead.

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