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It is well known that marijuana can have a beneficial effect on a wide series of diseases but new research continues to show cannabis’ efficacy for helping heal patients. The two main components of marijuana that researchers have been looking at are THC and CBD. While THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the main psychoactive ingredient in the cannabis plant, CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the most promising chemicals that is being researched for its success in treating a wide variety of diseases.

Marijuana has continuously shown itself to be a great treatment for epilepsy and seizures. With many other drugs on the market causing various side effects, cannabis can often be a much safer option. Cannabis has continued to make headlines in the world of epilepsy due to the fact that researchers have found massive success with treating the disease. Recent news has shown the viability for cannabis as a treatment for children who suffer from seizures whether related to epilepsy or not. One of the largest issues when treating children with cannabis is that parents don’t want their kids to get any psychoactive effect from using any medicine, let alone cannabis. With CBD, there is no psychoactive component. In other words, CBD does not get patients high, but rather delivers massive amounts of pain relief as well as the ability to help control seizures.

Asthma is another place where patients have seen success in treatment with cannabis. Smoking is generally considered to be unhealthy for anyone and especially those with asthma, but the use of marijuana has a very interesting interaction with the lungs. Studies have shown that cannabis smoke can actually help to dilate the lungs, which can help massively with breathing. Other studies have also shown that cannabis can calm down the need to cough, which altogether makes it a great choice for use with asthma.

Cannabis has also been shown to be a great choice for patients suffering from HIV/AIDS. While scientists have not found a way to cure such a life altering ailment, studies have shown that using cannabis to help treat some of the side effects can help to ease the lives of patients. Those who use cannabis will often find that they eat better, sleep better, gain weight, and have better moods overall, which can drastically change the quality of life for someone with HIV or AIDS.

Another disease that cannabis continues to show promise in is that of Alzheimers. Marijuana has been shown to be a great treatment to side effects of the disease such as aggression, anxiety, depression, insomnia and hallucinations. Cannabis has also been shown to slow the production of something known as a beta-amyloid protein. Scientists believe that this protein is one of the main contributing factors to the development of Alzheimers which means that cannabis could one day help to treat or even prevent the disease overall. Some early stage research has also shown that cannabis can have a very large effect on patients suffering from multiple sclerosis. Patients who have used marijuana to treat MS have seen a large reduction in muscle spasms, tremors, pain and muscle stiffness. The patients who were given cannabis also found that they experienced better quality of sleep and length of time sleeping overall, which can mean a lot to patients constantly suffering from pain.

Marijuana has also shown a high amount of success in treating the symptoms of menstrual cramping. Although it is not technically a disease, many women still find themselves in a large amount of pain due to the constant cramping. Marijuana has been shown to ease this discomfort, while also providing relief to other symptoms of menstrual cramping. Cannabis continues to be found as a valid solution to many of the most common illnesses we face in the modern day. With more research being conducted on the plant, it seems as though the future of weed will continue to shape the world of medicine.

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