Although we view places like California and the more liberal states as places that take marijuana issues lightly, this isn’t always the case. Regardless of all the advancements made within the law, state governments, like California, are taking law enforcement very seriously. They believe that the laws allowing medical and recreational usage of the drug needs to be combated with some safety and protection laws. With all of the new laws allowing usage, some companies have tried to bend the law and test the limits, but the state is fighting back.

There is a company called Weedmaps and it is an online marijuana community that allows its users to review and talk about cannabis strains and local dispensaries. They have been advertising and promoting themselves all over California, regardless of the fact they don’t have state licenses. The state sent a letter to the company telling them to cease and desist.

They also mentioned that they would face criminal and civil penalties if they don’t stop promoting their illegal marijuana business all over California. One would think this would be enough to scare the company off and have them fall back in line with the law, but people have gotten quite careless as marijuana laws have loosened up.

The state has apparently sent Weedmaps 900 cease and desist letters that the company failed to acknowledge as they continue advertising and promoting. This demonstrates that measures need to be taken so the marijuana industry doesn’t get out of hand. If people don’t think they need to follow the laws then chaos will break loose. It is evident that more serious measures need to be taken by California. Aside from the trouble the company has caused, Weedmaps is a great company with a really amazing idea. They are basically the Yelp for the marijuana world and a place for these consumers to come together.

This isn’ the only account, it seems as though people aren’t taking laws concerning marijuana that seriously. Another woman was recently arrested because she was offering to sell marijuana on Snapchat. People have gotten creative by using any social media platform they can to try getting involved in the industry. The 19 year old girl was posting pictures of bag of marijuana on her public snapchat. This just continues to demonstrate that measures need to be taken as people think they can advertise their involvement with marijuana anywhere they desire.

Not everyone in the government is taking these issues lightly though. There are many people in the government that feel something needs to be done on the issue and that marijuana is taking on a life of its own that the government isn’t ready for. Jeff Sessions is the Attorney General and he has expressed his views regarding marijuana publicly. He spoke about how President Trump’s administration needs to take more serious action with states who have felt it justified to legalize marijuana. Jeff makes the point that the drug is still illegal on the federal level and the government isn’t doing enough to show people that they are breaking the laws and punishments are in line. The marijuana industry is moving so fast that even the government can’t keep up with the changes and the additional laws needed.

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