Are you enthusiastic about marijuana and have a great deal of knowledge about the industry and the plant? Or are you just starting out and willing to learn? Regardless your level of interest, cannabis businesses will be moved if you’ve done your homework. Being a cannabis user isn’t necessarily needed for finding employment in the industry; in fact, depending on the responsibilities of the job, a person who doesn’t use marijuana might even have an advantage in getting hired.

Either way, employers will be more likely to hire you if you display the understanding that you comprehend that they’re trying to grow and run a business just like any other company in any other industry. Whether your expertise is in office management, administration, horticulture or biology, your skill set and past experience will be selling points to a prospective canna-business employer.

If you present yourself with a full and clear understanding of both the upside and the hurdles of operating a marijuana business, the people you work with will see how determined you are to the professional, career-development side of your objective. The majority of business owners don’t want to deal with high employee turnovers, and the hiring costs and challenges in qualifying new workers which can be even more time-consuming and expensive for marijuana businesses.

If you’re sincerely searching for a job in the cannabis industry, you’re most likely not going to see a major payday in the short term. Cannabis business owners will be able to identify if you’re overqualified for a position very quickly and may not have the resources to offer a high compensation package right off the bat.

“Sweat equity” is a term commonly used in many startup businesses; employers look for potential workers who can see the big picture long-term, not an immediate payday upfront. That’s why it’s essential to set realistic beliefs about what kind of salary you’re looking for prior to you applying for jobs in the industry. Remember, due to the raw nature of working with cannabis, employers want workers who will be in place for many years and are willing to build their career with that business.

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