According to Hillary Clinton, she has never smoked marijuana, not even during the drug craze of the 1960’s. During Bill Clinton’s time in office, he was extreme in the War on Drugs. during a campaign in 2008, Hillary openly claimed that she was against the legalization of marijuana; however, since that time, marijuana has evolved from what it was to the fastest-growing business in the United States at $2.7 billion dollars. Furthermore, cannabis is administered with decriminalization laws and may even prove to be beneficial for health benefits. Of course, the people making money off of the cannabis industry would like to begin donating to politicians, but before they do so, they need to know who would do what. And in this case, Hillary Clinton is the who.

In August, a fundraiser was held at Win McCormick and Carol Butler’s house in Portland, Oregon. Oregon legalized pot last year, so almost a dozen professionals in the marijuana industry paid $2,700 each to be in the audience of Hillary Clinton, former secretary of state and Democratic front-runner. This was beneficial to them, since she mentioned working with Earl Blumenauer, a huge advocate of marijuana legalization and “cannabis reform.”

Leah Maurer, a pro-pot activist whose Portland-based Moms for YES on Measure 91 organized around the pot reforms in Oregon last year, said “we all cheered. We were all just so happy to even hear her mention the word cannabis.”

Maurer stopped her later on and said “thank you for all the work you have done. I really need you to consider coming out in favor of reclassifying marijuana. It’s an issue that no Republican is going to touch and it would be hugely significant to your campaign.”

“I spoke to Earl Blumenauer about that. I am thinking about it,” Clinton responded. “We have to figure out how to thread the needle between the states and the federal government.”

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