High Growth: Top Pot Stocks Making Moves into March 2024

Leading Marijuana Stocks for March 2024

As the cannabis industry continues to flourish in the United States, investors are keenly watching the market for top-performing marijuana stocks. With the industry projected to reach a staggering $30 billion by 2025, the allure of double-digit gains before March is strong. Recent updates on federal legalization efforts have further invigorated the market. These developments promise to expand the industry’s legal framework, potentially unlocking vast untapped markets. Investors are advised to employ technical analysis and proper risk management strategies. These tools are crucial for navigating the volatile cannabis sector. They help identify promising entry and exit points, maximizing returns while minimizing risks.

Given the industry’s rapid growth, several cannabis stocks have emerged as front-runners, boasting significant potential for double-digit gains. The buzz around federal legalization has particularly spotlighted companies poised to benefit from nationwide market expansion. However, with great potential comes considerable volatility. Investors must diligently research and apply technical analysis to discern patterns and trends. Risk management cannot be overstated; setting stop-loss orders and diversifying portfolios are essential steps. These practices safeguard investments against the sector’s unpredictable swings, ensuring that pursuing high returns does not expose investors to undue risk.

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Top Shelf Picks: 2 Premier Cannabis Stocks for March 2024 Watchlist

  1. IM Cannabis Corp. (NASDAQ: IMCC)
  2. Clever Leaves Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: CLVR)

IM Cannabis Corp.

IM Cannabis Corp. is a prominent player in the global cannabis industry, focusing on both medicinal and recreational markets. Founded with a vision to lead in innovation and quality, the company operates across several countries. It specializes in the cultivation, extraction, and distribution of cannabis products. By leveraging advanced agricultural and scientific methods, IM Cannabis aims to deliver superior cannabis experiences to its customers.


In the United States, IM Cannabis Corp. has strategically expanded its footprint. It boasts a network of dispensaries and cultivation sites. The company has a significant presence in states known for their progressive cannabis markets. These include California, Colorado, and Oregon, where it operates numerous retail locations. The number of stores varies, reflecting the company’s dynamic expansion strategy and market conditions.

Q3 2023 Financial Highlights

IM Cannabis Corp. reported a decrease in revenue for Q3 2023, totaling $12.4 million, a 13% decline from the previous year. This decrease included a 6.4% drop due to negative currency fluctuations. Despite this, the company saw a 10% increase in gross margin and a significant 30% rise in gross profit. Non-IFRS Adjusted EBITDA Loss decreased by 65%, with operating expenses down by 34%. These reductions in losses and expenses indicate a strategic shift towards sustainability and efficiency, focusing on premium markets, particularly in Israel.

The company highlighted operational milestones, including a full integration project between Israel and Germany to drive efficiencies. This comes amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, which began on October 7, 2023, with the company noting it’s too early to assess the full impact on the medical cannabis industry and IMC specifically. The period saw the launch of new high THC strains and cost-saving measures, such as outsourcing outpatient delivery services, leading to an estimated annual saving of $300,000 CAD. Despite the financial and operational challenges, IMC is making strategic adjustments to navigate the current market and geopolitical landscapes effectively.

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Clever Leaves Holdings Inc.

Clever Leaves Holdings Inc. is a leading multi-national operator in the pharmaceutical-grade cannabis industry. The company focuses on cultivating, extracting, and distributing cannabis products. They are renowned for their commitment to quality and sustainability. With operations spanning several countries, Clever Leaves capitalizes on its global footprint to serve markets with stringent regulatory requirements.


Unlike traditional retail-focused cannabis companies, Clever Leaves operates primarily as a B2B supplier. Therefore, it does not have traditional stores. Instead, it has significant production facilities and distribution networks in countries like Colombia and Portugal. The company’s largest market presence is in the United States and Europe, where it supplies pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, and other commercial clients. This strategic focus allows Clever Leaves to leverage its international cultivation and production capabilities to meet the growing demand for pharmaceutical-grade cannabis products globally.

Third Quarter 2023 Summary vs. Same Year-Ago Quarter

Clever Leaves Holdings Inc., a global medicinal cannabis company, showcased a robust financial and operational performance for Q3 2023. CEO Andres Fajardo highlighted the company’s strategic enhancements in its commercial strategy and Colombian production. Notably, the cannabinoid segment witnessed a 135% revenue surge, driven by increased extract demand. The non-cannabinoid Herbal Brands business also grew by 6% year-over-year. This growth is attributed to higher sales, stable raw material and labor costs, and efficiencies in general and administrative costs. The company’s focus remains on expanding its presence in the Food Drug Mass channel, refining its go-to-market model, and boosting Direct-to-Consumer sales.

Further reflecting on the quarter, Clever Leaves reported a significant year-over-year reduction in operating expenses and cash burn, thanks to prior cost-saving measures. The end of the quarter saw a cash balance increase, aided by the sale of Portuguese processing assets and ATM share issuances. Looking forward, Clever Leaves aims to accelerate expansion in its core cannabinoid markets, emphasizing high-quality extracts and diversified flower offerings. The company also plans to continue streamlining its operational infrastructure and exploring monetizing non-core assets. This strategic direction, coupled with introducing new strains and cultivation collaborations, positions Clever Leaves to penetrate critical markets further and drive sustainable growth.

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Cannabis Stocks Heating Up March 2024

As we delve into this week’s stock market, IM Cannabis Corp. and Clever Leaves Holdings Inc. stand out as compelling watches. These companies have shown resilience and strategic agility in the face of industry challenges. IM Cannabis Corp., with its focus on premium markets and operational efficiencies, and Clever Leaves, with its robust growth in cannabinoid revenue and operational cost reductions, highlight potential investment opportunities. Investors should apply technical analysis to these stocks. Look for trends, support and resistance levels, and volume changes. These can provide insights into future movements.

Proper risk management remains crucial when considering these stocks. Diversify your portfolio to mitigate potential losses. Set stop-loss orders to protect against unforeseen market downturns. Remember, the cannabis sector’s volatility can lead to significant price swings. Stay informed on industry trends and regulatory changes. These can impact stock performance. By combining technical analysis with sound risk management strategies, investors can navigate the complexities of the cannabis market. This approach can lead to informed investment decisions with top cannabis stocks in the week ahead.


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