The worst part about smoking weed is the smell for various reasons. Firstly, everyone can smell it, and it is very distinguishable. You won’t be able to fool anyone no matter how many eye drops you put into your eyes. Not only that, but sometimes it can stick onto your furniture, or your clothes, for a long period of time. This is definitely awful because others will be turned away from you, and it is just unhygienic for your stuff to smell like weed. Let’s look at how to keep the smell of weed off of your person and your belongings.

First and foremost, never hotbox. When you hotbox, there is little to no air circulation, which will focus the smell directly onto you. You can always open some windows, or turn on a fan, but the best thing to do is always to go outside. After you smoke, it is always good to cover up; chew gum to rid the smell from your mouth, wash your hands to get the cannabis smell off of your hands, and lastly, use some type of spray to cover yourself up.

There are other ways to avoid the lingering smell of marijuana. For instance, you can smoke through a vaporizer, which will completely eliminate the smell of marijuana. In addition, you can take edibles, which takes no smoke at all. Of course, these aren’t legal in all states, and you should only do these in states where it is legal. Also, edibles can be extremely strong, which is why you should be more cautious if you are legally going to take them. Finally, the best thing to do if you want to get rid of smell before meeting someone is giving it some time. Time is your best friend so long as you are taking steps to get rid of the smell!

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