The impact of today’s marijuana legalization ballot initiatives will set the course for the next four years’ drug policy in the United States and hopefully pave the way for a more inclusive, less archaic system. If the polling data stands tomorrow as it has for the last week we can also be seeing a boost in capital markets associated with Marijuana Stocks from the Nasdaq to the OTC. California, a long bell weather for social change is pivitol to US consensus with regards to marijuana. Should they, as well as other states, legalize the use of recreational marijuana, many onlookers, pundits and politicians including President Obama could get behind a paradigm shift guided by the logic that current prohibition is doomed to fail.

The initiatives in the state California and Massachusetts seem to be strongly supported to pass, with recent polls showing support over 60% in both states. The Nevada and Maine seem to be coin flips if you account for the margin of error in averaging out polls, yet margins are still in favor of passage. Arizona is another state that is a coin flip, you can thank INSY Therapeutics for their $5,000,000 contribution in opposition of the bill. Clearly Big Pharma realizes that it’s a zero-sum game and marijuana passage destroys their bottom line as pain medication is the industries bread and butter.


The most current poll, by USC Dornsife and the Los Angeles Times, reveal 58 percent of voters are in full support of the measure while only 37 percent stand against it. Keep in mind that most of the revenue generated in the United States comes out of California just on the medical marijuana side. Recreational passage seems likely and a flood of investors both public and private will rush to dip their toe, if not their whole bodies in the California market. Ancillary companies aiding in this expansion both public and private stand to make large investments into this market. The average of all polls on the question that took place since Sept. 1 displays 56 percent of support for the measure, while 32 percent opposed to it, and 8 percent are not sure how to vote.


Currently polls in Nevada have revealed conflicting outcomes, there has also been a lot of money coming in from casino mogul Sheldon Adleson to try and keep gabling the vice industry of the state. Last year, Adelson contributed $10m to defeat the measure in Florida, still polling data is leaning towards passage in two Bendixen & Amandia International polls. The Rasmussen poll show stronger support for a market that is already well capitalized. Should the measure pass, Nevada and the Las Vegas market will be in our opinion the best game in town. Low cost of energy and cheap water (surprisingly) will have infrastructure measures being scaled up.


Polls show that the state of Arizona is the one true toss-up among the five marijuana legalization measures under consideration. Throughout six surveys that were carried out since September 1, the measure has crossed the 50 percent threshold only 2 times. Averaged out, the numbers show 47 percent of support for the measure, 46 percent who are not in favor and stand in opposition of the measure, and 7 percent undecided. The direction those undecided voters take will determine the fate of the measure.


Maine is hard to tell with two polls on the marijuana measure have been fielded since Sept. 1. Both show favorable support for the measure, averaging out at 52 percent & 40% who oppose it, but it’s Maine. No one is there and we don’t anticipate a robust market to start.


God doesn’t want Massachusetts to have medical marijuana? Didn’t jesus heal the sick? The Boston Archdiocese of the Catholic Church donated $850,000 dollars to fight the measure, the biggest donation ever from a religious party on any side of a marijuana initiative. Maybe they should work on fighting alcohol since it actually kills people. It didn’t look good for Massachusetts, but maybe the drunkards will be hungover and vote yes for the measure. The silver lining here is that since September polling averages show 54 percent support over the latest six polls, with only 35 percent opposing it, so maybe the devil has a sense of Humor.


Amendment 2 will pass because we have been spending big bucks supporting it along with United for care, John Morgan and a bunch of others. Latest poll said 73% in favor and Floridians would be morons to not vote #YesOn2 since this is a state that’s main industry besides tourism is real estate and with banking restrictions the only way people will be able to launder their profits legally they’ll have to use real estate. Keep in mind that this measure will be expanded most likely because the current license holders will never be able to meet demand. Also factor in Florida neighbors watching closely, especially in the bible belt as opioid addictions drop and tax revenue swells. Companies positioned here will have 1st mover advantage and there are already a few on our radar, but rather than say which ones, we would rather get people to get out and vote. Tomorrow we will tell you where the opportunities are at. Cheers-


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